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All I Want for Christmas Is ...

a Gift Certificate Bonus Sale!

Order one of these ...



and we'll add one of these!


  • Bonus gift certificate valid for use after January 1st, 2018
  • Regular terms for Georgies gift certificates apply (see below)
  • Gift certificate bonus sale starts November 26th and ends December 31st, 2018
  • Gift certificates can be emailed or sent snail mail at no extra charge


Georgies Gift Certificates can be used on any purchase of products, materials or services at either of our stores in Portland and Eugene. This even includes firing services and class fees! You (or your gift recipient) can use the certificate on any order with us whether in-store or by phone, fax, email or website. If your gift recipient doesn't use the entire certificate on one purchase, we record the information as a credit on account so it can be used later.

Our gift certificates wil not be redeemed for cash, and we will write off left over credit amounts of $1 or use the full amount to your advantage.

Best of all, there is no expiration date on Georgies gift certificates. As long as the recipient has the original paper gift certificate, we will honor it. One of our customers recently brought in a gift certificate that had laid, forgotten, in a dresser drawer for four years. When she brought it in, we honored it to the full amount of the certificate.

Our everyday gift certificates come in the most popular denominations from $5 to $500. The $250 gift certificates have been especially popular for class fees at Christmas, birthday and anniversary celebrations. If you'd like to give an amount other than these, you can combine multiple denominations to reach your goal. If you'd like to give an $80 gift, you can order four $20 certificates, two $40's, eight $10s, one $50 and one $30 -- whatever you prefer.

  • When you click "Your Cart" or "Checkout," we'll need to know your name, address and phone number along with your credit card number. We need this information for security purposes.

  • Please let us know the name of your gift recipient. If you wish, we can print that on the gift certificate with the amount you specify.

  • If you order multiple certificates to reach your desired gift, please let us know if they're all going to the same person so we can combine them to the total value.

  • Let us know if you'd like us to send the gift certificate to you - or - directly to your gift recipient. We can do it either way, as you prefer. If you need to make special arrangements for delivery, like sending the certificate by email, we can do that too. Even last-minute orders are no problem!

  • Please let us know, too, if you have other special instructions. If you want to send them to separate people, please type their names and addresses in the "Special Instructions or Comments" box. You'll see that on your screen during the checkout process.



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