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Mayco Press Tools & Rollers


So many new tools, so many ways to use them!


Press Tools & Rollers Sprig Molds Slump & Hump Molds

Press tools add unique patterns and designs to clay surfaces. Press them directly into the main clay surface of your creation, or create separate attachments to add. Convenient plaster holder blocks protect your tools from damage.

For a quick way to create unique shapes with little effort, press clay into these flat molds. Use the shapes as stand-alone designs (they're great for jewelry!) or as embellishments that add personal expression and cultural richness to any project.

...are essential tools for handbuilding clay forms. These basic geometric shapes provide basic shapes like masks, plates and bowls so your creativity can run wild. Mayco Slump & Hump molds are sold together: you get two molds for your price! Storing them together with rubber bands, mold straps or twine helps protect them from harm.

Designer Stamps

...create designs that you can use with color products (glaze or underglaze) or in moist clay. Lightly apply colors to the stamp and then press against your piece, or press the stamp into clay for design work. OR cut the pattern from the clay and apply it as a raised surface -- an instant sprig!


Press Tools & Rollers

CD1072 • $27.00 CD1073 • $27.00 CD1074 • $27.00
Spiral Press Tools Leaf Press Tools Animal Press Tools
(4 @ 1.75"w) (4 @ 1.75"w) (4 @ 1.75"w)

CD1075 • $27.00 CD1078 • $27.00 CD1149 • $27.00
Small Press Tools #2 Small Press Tools#3 Seaside Press Tools
(6 @ 5/8"w) (6 @ 7/8"w) (4 @ 1.75"w)

CD1150 • $27.00 CD1151 • $27.00 CD1216 • $27.00
Flower Press Tools Native American Welcome Press Tool
(4 @ 1.75"w) (4 @ 1.75"w) ( 5.25"L x 1"W)

CD1221 • $27.00 CD1222 • $27.00 CD0780 • $17.00
Celtic Press Tools Egyptian Press Tools Design Press Tools
(4 @ 1.75"w) (4 @ 1.75"w) (6 @ 1.75"l x .75"w)

CD1079 • $27.00 CD1152 • $27.00 CD1156 • $32.00
Geometric Rollers Native Rollers Leaf/Flower Rollers
(2 @ 1"w) (2 @ 1"w) (2 @ 1.75"w)

CD1223 • $32.00
Celtic/Leaf Rollers
(2 @ 1.5"w)

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