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This Saturday, April 19th, at GEORGIES OF EUGENE ONLY
Foil Art with Molly Summerlight

Small image of repousse art made with copper and aluminum foils.

Come try your hand at embossing, folding and coloring foils to make beautiful cards or gifts!

Also On Sale in April while supplies last!
(Click small photos for larger images.)

Small photo of TS4 used 4in tile setter.

Used 4" Tile Setters: $10 each

In good but not perfect condition: some have chips or supports missing. Max capacity 24 tiles. New tile setters like this sell for $35 each.

Out-of-Spec KM1227 Half-Shelves
5/8" or 1" thick $10 each

These are NEW shelves, no chips or cracks, that happen to be slightly longer, shorter, thicker or thinner than the manufacturer's specification.

Small photo of out-of-spec half shelves for 12-sided kilns.
(Kiln shelves & tile setters are reserved for in-store customers:
not available for online orders due to shipping costs.)

Now Open at Eutectic Gallery (Portland) from April 4 to May 31
Artists' Reception on Friday, May 2nd

IMAGE: A Ceramic Show of Decalcomania
Curated by Dan Anderson & Ted Vogel
Click the image to visit Eutectic Gallery's website.

Banner image for Ceramic Showcase 2014.

Click this image to visit for more information.

Clatsop CC Hosts Ozaki, Gallagher Workshops

In conjunction with an upcoming visual arts exhibit titled "University of Puget Sound Alumni Ceramics Exhibition," Reid Ozaki and Colleen Gallagher will present workshops in the CCC Art Center."A Ceramic Workshop with Reid Ozaki" will be held on Friday, May 9th, from 10am to 4pm. The workshop is free and open to the public. Call 503.338.2449 for registration or more information.

Click the center image to open a PDF file with full info about the workshops and gallery exhibit.

Colleen Gallagher   Reid Ozaki

Invited artists include:

Matt Allison
Rob Beishline
Kenny Bell
John Benn
James Brooke
Tad Deming
Ralph Esposito
Kirk Freeman
Robert Foreman

Colleen Gallagher
Rosette Gault
John Hasegawa
Rob Jackson
Kim Lyle
Rick Mahaffey
Erin McCoy
Reid Ozaki
Geoffrey Pagen

Dan Schmitt
Jill Smith
Ken Stevens
Comador Stewart
Kaaren Stoner
Miles Struxness
Mike Topolski
William Vogler
Jim White

It's Springtime in Oregon!

Spring totem by Maria Sampson from Georgies of Eugene.

Maria Sampson made this charming spring totem with flowers, birds, squirrels, and a wonky birdhouse! She used our Cascade Gloss ^6 glazes, Sculptural/Textural ^6 glazes and Interactive Pigments. Click the black photo on the left for a larger view, or click the flyer on the right to download a PDF technique sheet with all the details of her glazes combinations.

Local Potter Makes Forbes
Andrew Beckham Crafts Terra Cotta Amphorae

Each amphora takes two weeks to construct and three months to dry.

Photo credit: Cathy Huyghe

Andrew splits his attentions between growing grapes and making wine at his Beckham Estate Vineyard, making 75-gallon amphorae, and teaching ceramics full-time at Beaverton High. He builds his amphorae in six-inch sections, using coil-and-throw techniques, with Georgies' Vortex Red Sculptural clay.

To read the full article in Forbes, click:
Coming Soon to a Wine Near You

To follow Andrew's further adventures in wine and clay, click:
Beckham Estate Vineyard on Facebook

Silverton Students Make Tile

We recently had opportunity to work with Angela McGraw on making and installing outdoor art tiles at Silverton Elementary. It all came out so well that Angela shared photos with us! She and her students used our Wonder White Sculptural clay with Duncan Concepts underglazes and Duncan Pure Brilliance over the Concepts.

Long view of Evergreen Elementary tile installation.

Click the small images for larger photos.

Dorothy Steele Shows in Portland Gallery
Show Will Run March 4th to April 14th

Dorothy focuses on shapes and textures from ferns, leaves, rocks, hand crocheted dollies, and other found objects. She presses these textures into slab of porcelain, creating organic pots that spring to lifein glazes of brilliant greens, blues, reds, and deep purple.

Place setting by Dorothy Steele. Trio of tall vases by Dorothy Steele. Square and rectangular sushi sets by Dorothy Steele.
Click these small images for larger versions.


Coming April 22 - June 13: Georgies' Students Show

An exhibit of creative work from fun to funky to functional by students in Georgies' wheelthrowing and handbuilding classes.

Opening Reception
April 26
2 - 4pm

Show Now Open at Euctectic Gallery

Selected works from Chris Baskin & Dan Schmitt
Click this image to visit Eutectic's website for more information.

Which of These is Not Like the Others?

(Yes, it's a trick question. They're all the same glaze.)

The difference is in the firing schedule. Changing the heat-up and cool-down timechanged the color results of our Ohata Red -- and other glazes too! Click the image to visit the How-To page for a full discussion of the how, the when, and the results.

Cone 6 Reduction?
Sure. We can do that.

Choose your clay. Choose your glaze.
Click any color sample for larger photos.

  Cone 6 Oxidation Cone 6 Reduction Reduced on dark clay
Wood Ash
Wood Ash
Ohata Red
Plum Black
Nassau Blue

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