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Welcome to
Georgies Ceramic & Clay Co.

Weekly Sales!
For the week of February 8th - February 13th we are featuring our
GLW23 White Froth Sculptural Glaze at 50%
off MSRP
and Amaco Satin Matte Glazes at 20% off
As a special surprise for Valentine' Day,
Skutt Kilns are on sale for 20% off MSRP
from February 1st - February 14th!


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Here are some items that you might enjoy...

Magic of Clay Book

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques - Paul Wandless and James Watkins (plus other distinguished artists), show you how to build low-cost, low-tech, yet high quality kilns.


XIEM Ultimate texture combs are great for creating lines and strips of different width to produce various 3 dimensional texture effects on malleable surface including clay, thick slip, under-glaze, engobes, paint, stucco and gel mediums.
Xiem Tool Set

Victory Brown Wax
VICTORY BROWN SCULPTING WAX is now in stock again! After several years of not being able to get it... it's back! We have 10# blocks for $49 and 2.5# blocks for $15. Victory Brown is a soft, nut color and is perfect for sculpture work.

PERMOPLAST is a plastic medium with many uses at every school grade level. for adults, it's equally useful to clay animators, stylists and hobbyists. Sulfur-free, odorless, non-toxic, easily shaped, and permanently plastic. Available in 1 pound or 5 pound blocks
Sculpey Clays

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