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Mayco Specialty Glazes
Crackle, Snowfall, Cobblestone, and other glazes for cone 06 firing


Crackle Glazes

Formulated to create patterns of cracks similar to crazing, Crackle Glazes result a unique antique look. To highlight the cracks created in firing, antique the piece with ink, acrylic paint, or a mineral-spirit-based woodstain. Apply a coat of the desired color to the fired piece and wipe off with a soft cloth. Although crackle glazes are nontoxic, they are not practical for food or drink containers because of their surface characteristics.

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4oz jar $4.35 ea $3.26 ea $2.61 ea
Pints $13.05 ea $9.79 ea $8.48 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on multiples of the same color and size

Mayco Clear Crackle CC101 Lowfire Glaze

Transparent Crackle

Mayco CC102 White Crackle Lowfire Glaze

White Crackle

Mayco CC107 Green Tea Crackle lowfire glaze.

Green Tea Crackle

Mayco CC108 China Sea Crackle lowfire glaze.

China Sea Crackle



Sculpting Medium

SG501 Sculpting Medium is a dimensional "glaze" that produces a white, raised surface.  A great use of Sculpting Medium is to add structured design elements to you work using stencils, lace and stamps.  Apply a stencil to your piece, brush Sculpting Medium over the stencil; let the Medium set up a bit and remove the stencil.

It has the viscosity of condensed milk and it can be brushed on or applied with a sponge.  Sculpting Medium can be applied directly on bisque or ontop of an unfired glaze. The recommended application thickness is 1/16 to 1/8".  The fired finish may be coarse and have rough edges; a layer of clear glaze (or a colored glaze) will smooth these sharp edges.

Firing range is 05/06: it will not perform at higher temperatures.

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4oz jar $4.25 ea $3.19 ea $2.55 ea
Pints $12.75 ea $9.56 ea $8.29 ea

Mayco SG501 Sculpting Glaze Dimensional Medium.

Sculpting Medium



Cobblestone Glazes

Cobblestones are non-toxic textural glazes that form raised rectangular chip-like textures when applied over another glaze. The fired surface will feel rough to the touch; its appearance is reminiscent of dried earth.

To achieve the cracked patterns below, apply Cobblestones over any non-toxic glaze. While Cobblestones can be applied over a previously fired glaze, the cracked pattern will become more pronounced if applied on an unfired glaze.

Shake for 5-6 seconds before use. Dispense glaze onto a palette (tile, plate, etc.) and apply 2 coats with a broad, soft brush, such as a CB-604 #4 Soft Fan Brush. Apply the second coat while the first coat is still damp: do not allow Cobblestone to dry between coats.

Pattern break-up is determined by the application direction of the brush stroke. Large break up heavier application, small breakup lighter application If application is too light the cobblestone will not break up. Reapplying and touching up will not achieve a break up Fire to shelf cone 06 or higher

Discounts Buy 1 - 5 at: 6 - 11 at: 12+ @:
4oz jar $4.25 ea $3.19 ea $2.55 ea
Pint $12.75 ea $9.56 ea $8.29 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on multiples of the same color and size

Mayco SG201 Black Cobblestone lowfire glaze.

Cobblestone Black

Mayco SG202 White Cobblestone lowfire glaze.

Cobblestone White



Snowfall Glaze

Snowfall is a dimension glaze that creates a white, textured surface. It is a non moving glaze and, as such, application methods (brushing, detailer bottle/slip trailer) have an impact on the fired result. Mix well. Apply 2 or more coats over unfired glazes, shelf cone 04 bisque (1060C), greenware or clay. Can be applied with a brush or sponge. For dimensional effects, apply using a Writer Tip. Fire to shelf cone 06 (999C) Apply with a soft brush or with a sponge

Discounts Buy 1 - 5 at: 6 - 11 at: 12+ @:
4oz jar $4.25 ea $3.19 ea $2.55 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on multiples of the same color and size

Mayco SG302 Snowfall lowfire glaze.

Snowfall Glaze



Pottery Cascade Glazes

These glazes produce special effects when used in combination with other non-toxic glazes. White Cascade intermingles with other glazes being used, introducing pure white to the colors you are using, blending with the color. Clear Cascade produces a flowing effect and allows the color of the base glaze to show through. Apply Cascade over or under non-toxic glaze to create spectacular effects.

Discounts Buy 1 - 5 at: 6 - 11 at: 12+ @:
4oz jar $5.80 ea $4.35 ea $3.48 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on multiples of the same color and size

Mayco PC601 Clear Cascade lowfire glaze.

Clear Cascade

Mayco PC602 White Cascade lowfire glaze.

White Cascade


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