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Firing Supplies


Digital Pyrometer

Skutt digital pyrometer with dual inputs KM2718

KM2718 • $130.00
Digital Pyrometer
Dual input points for two thermocouples, with pushbutton controls for switching temperature scales and readouts. Very useful for many fired art forms!


KM1516 $16.00
Replacement Thermocouple
7" long - 8 gauge




Fiber Firing Blanket

AP702 Superwool fiber fire blanket

AP702 • $5.20 per square foot
HT Superwool
The blanket is 1 inch thick at a density of 8 pounds per square foot. Insulates to 2300 (F). Contains no asbestos. Fibers are soluble in body fluids: any fibers inhaled or consumed will break down and pass through. Full roll is 48 square feet (2' wide by 24' long).



Fire Bricks

APK23 SoftBrick 2-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 9"
Soft rectangular bricks, easily cut or shaped for many uses.
(Call us for specially shaped kiln replacement bricks.

Buy 1 - 11 @ 12+ @ 36+ @
$6.00 ea $5.10 ea $4.50 ea


High-Temperature Wire

Gauge numbers refer to how many pieces of the wire you'd line up, side by side, to cover one inch on a ruler. An 8-gauge wire would take 8 pieces, each 1/8" across, to cover one inch (or 24 pieces of 24-gauge wire, side by side). The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire.

All these wires are packaged in 10-foot lengths.

Kemper HTS 24-gauge Stamen Wire recommended to temperatures cone 6 or less.

24-gauge Stamen Wire
(fires to cone 10 but recommended only to cone 6 or less)

Buy 1-2 ... 3-5 ... 6-11 ... 12-23 ... 24+ ...
$4.19 ea $3.78 ea $3.36 ea $2.94 ea $2.52 ea
HTW Kemper 17-gauge heavy-duty firing wire to maximum temperature cone 1.

17-gauge Stamen Wire
(fires to maximum temperature of:cone 6)

Buy 1-2 ... 3-5 ... 6-11 ... 12-23 ... 24+ ...
$6.95 ea $6.25 ea $5.56 ea $4.86 ea $4.17 ea


Kiln Wash

KILN WASH is a combination of refractory materials mixed with water (for application) and applied to kiln shelves or posts to protect them from glaze spatters, drips and runs.

Avoid creating or inhaling airborne dust. We strongly recommend dust masks or better protection, plus workshop goggles or other eyewear, when handling the dry powder. In spilled, clean up with damp sponges to avoid lifting dust into the air. We also recommend this personal protective equipment when cleaning or scraping kiln shelves.

  • Mix the dry Kiln Wash powder with water to a consistency roughly equal to skim or 1% milk.
  • Apply several coats to kiln shelf with a soft brush, allowing the solution to soak in or dry between coats. Brush on successive coats in a criss-cross pattern: brush each new coat across the brushstroke direction of the previous coat. (This is optional, but some clay artists prefer to do it this way.)
  • You've applied enough when you can no longer see the color of the kiln shelf through the dried kiln wash. The number of coats may vary depending on how much water you mixed with the dry powder.
  • Scrape off any drips, runs or spatters of glaze from your kiln shelf after firing. The drips will take some of the kiln wash coating with them: that's normal and to be expected.
  • Your application of kiln wash has a limited lifespan. You'll know it's time to completely scrape off the kiln wash and start over with a fresh application when the kiln wash begins to crack, curl or peel off the kiln shelf.
  • Click here to visit our Safety & Cleaning page for respirators and dust masks.
0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

No-Crack Kiln Wash
A combination of refractory materials mixed with water to coat kiln shelves (and sometimes posts) to protect from glaze spatters and runs. Do not apply to bricks or elements in the kiln body.



Firing Gloves

Leather and Kevlar firing gloves.
Does your firing regimen call for reaching into hot kilns? These gloves help protect your hands and arms from the searing heat. Temperature ratings are listed with the gloves. Sold in pairs only.

KA105A • $14.99
Leather Welders' Gloves
(minimum protection, for handling items at 300°F or less. Specify Large or Small gloves when ordering.)


KA105 • $59.95
Kevlar 13" FiringGloves
(protection up to 750°F)


KA106 • $69.95
Kevlar 18" FiringGloves
(protection up to 750°F)


KA107 • $79.95
Kevlar 23" FiringGloves
(protection up to 750°F)


KA110 • $149.95
Kevlar 23" 45oz Heavy-Duty FiringGloves
(protection up to 1700°F)


KA108 • $119.95
PBI 23" FiringGloves
(protection up to 1400°F)



Kiln Glasses & Shields

Polycarbonate green kiln glasses.

Sized to fit over many prescription eyeglasses for your convenience.

K140 • $24.99
Polycarbonate Kiln Glasses
Impact-resistant glasses with green polycarbonate shield protects against glare, infrared and ultraviolet radiation for viewing cones up to 2950°F. Dark green hue helps you see cones against the infrared orange glow inside the kiln.


Didymium kiln glasses preferred by glassworkers.

Special Order Only

SFT4970 • $68.95
Didymium Kiln Glasses Special order only
Didymium-coated glasses are primarily used by glassworkers to shield out the bright yellow sodium flare that results from working glass in flame. Didymium glasses offer less protection against UV and IR radiation than the green K140 glasses.

Aluminized safety knee-length apron and hood with gold face shield.
KA109 • $74.95
Aluminized Knee-Length Apron

KA110A • $299.95 ~ Special Order Only
Aluminized Hood with Gold Face Shield

Click here to visit our Safety & Cleaning page
for respirator protection against raku smoke.


Raku Firing Supplies & Kiln Parts

Red-hot view down into a working raku kiln.

Dodging the fireball from a raku reduction chamber.


Raku is an inherently risky process as you work in close proximity to extreme heat and open flame.

Raku firing should not be performed by beginners without training in the technique and related safety issues. We strongly recommend the use of personal protective equipment such as firing gloves, safety or kiln glasses, and a respirator at all times around raku kilns.


Kemper Raku Tongs
Kemper's long-handled tongs are made from rust-free stainless steel. They're solid and strong, offering a sure grip on your ware, yet lightweight because they have hollow tubular handles.

Kemper RK37 Smooth Raku Tongs

Tongs with Smooth Ends
(41" long with curved smooth jaws at 37° angle.)

Buy 1-2 ... 3-5 ... 6-11 ... 12-23 ... 24+ ...
$57.99ea $52.20ea $46.40ea $40.60ea $34.80ea
Kemper RK45 Toothed Raku Tongs

Tongs with Toothed Ends
(31.5" long with toothed straight jaws at 45° angle.)

Buy 1-2 ... 3-5 ... 6-11 ... 12-23 ... 24+ ...
$58.99ea $53.10ea $47.20ea $41.30ea $35.40ea


Raku Kiln Parts
Besides being a very fast firing process, raku also offers the ease of being very flexible in regard to equipment. Raku kilns can be built out of trash cans, 55-gallon oil drums, old electric kiln shells -- we've even heard of a raku kiln built out of the shell of an old Volkswagen Beetle! Georgies stocks several books that offer excellent info on kiln building.

Venturi burners rated for 70,000 and 100,000 BTU per hour
GAMR750 • $80.00
Venturi Burner (70,000 BTU/hour)
#50 size orifice - Please specify gas or propane
when placing your order

GAMR100 • $100.00
Venturi Burner (100,000 BTU/hour)
#50 size orifice - Please specify gas or propane
when placing your order

FE700 • $145.00
Reinforced Hose
(Complete with pressure regulator, pressure gauge, gate valve and all-brass fittings.)


FE701 • $40.00
Manifold for 2 Propane Tanks
(Use this manifold to prevent freezeups as single tanks lose pressure. Recommended primarily for extended firing sessions or large kilns using multiple fuel tanks. We generally get 8 hours of firing time for a medium-sized kiln with a single 5-gallon propane tank running at 3.5 to 4 PSI.)


OVG • $6.99 each
Burner Orifice for Natural Gas


OVP • $6.99 each
Burner Orifice for Propane


RBR • $50.00
Steel Burner Bracket
(This bracket secures the venturi burner in place at the proper distance from the side of the kiln. Made of welded steel for extreme durability in tough conditions of heat and weather.


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