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Serving 3-D & clay artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1965

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Kiln Sitter - $250.00 Auto Kiln Control made by W.P. Dawson.
Contact Marilyn Mills at 503-970-3943 or email her at


Glass Kiln - $900

Evenheat GTS 23-9 glass kiln with RampMaster II prgramable controller. Excellent condition with interior dimension 23.5" x 9" which includes shelf and posts. Retails up to $1900. This is the studio standard and fits the needs of most glass artists. Great for fusing, slumping, painting, Pate de Verre, and annealing.

She also has Vintage Plaster Molds - FREE to a good studio (mostly figurines from the 50's & 60's)

Email Elisabeth at
or call her at 503-407-4165


Cathy Newlin
click on the photo for PDF of 3 closeup photos

$3500 DD9 Downdraft Kiln

Must sell due to an eventual move. Excellent condition - one light crack in the back of the kiln - floor, sides and fiber roof and door are in great condition. An extra peep hole has been added to each side of the kiln. Comes with at least five 12" x 24" shelves. About twenty cone 10 firings done plus a handful of low fire loads.
Inside setting area 23"w x 23"d x 30"h, Interior dimensions 30"w x 25"d x 35"h with 9.2 Cubic Feet. Outside dimensions 47"w x 52"d x 71"h. Brick thickness is 4.5" wth 1" Fiber. Max temp is cone 10, BTU's x 1,000 40 - BTU's per hour 120,000. Gas Pipe inside dimension 3/4", Propane (LP) Water Column Pressure 11" Natural Gas (NG) Water Column Pressure 7", with 3 burners. Orifice size LP #40/NG #9/64 - uses 10 gallons of LP per cone 10 firing. Estimated shipping weight is 1,585 lbs.

Contact Cathy Newlin at 503-255-3151 or
email her at

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