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Serving 3-D & clay artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1965

For Sale in the Portland Store ...

Used Equipment

USED2026 - Refurbished Skutt KM1227-240V-1PH Kiln - $2700
(New elements, new relays, new thermocouple. Comes with a used envirovent 2)

For Sale by Community Members ...

Glass Kiln - $900

Evenheat GTS 23-9 glass kiln with RampMaster II prgramable controller. Excellent condition with interior dimension 23.5" x 9" which includes shelf and posts. Retails up to $1900. This is the studio standard and fits the needs of most glass artists. Great for fusing, slumping, painting, Pate de Verre, and annealing.

She also has Vintage Plaster Molds - FREE to a good studio (mostly figurines from the 50's & 60's)

Email Elisabeth at
or call her at 503-407-4165


Cathy Newlin
click on the photo for PDF of 3 closeup photos

$3500 DD9 Downdraft Kiln

Must sell due to an eventual move. Excellent condition - one light crack in the back of the kiln - floor, sides and fiber roof and door are in great condition. An extra peep hole has been added to each side of the kiln. Comes with at least five 12" x 24" shelves. About twenty cone 10 firings done plus a handful of low fire loads.
Inside setting area 23"w x 23"d x 30"h, Interior dimensions 30"w x 25"d x 35"h with 9.2 Cubic Feet. Outside dimensions 47"w x 52"d x 71"h. Brick thickness is 4.5" wth 1" Fiber. Max temp is cone 10, BTU's x 1,000 40 - BTU's per hour 120,000. Gas Pipe inside dimension 3/4", Propane (LP) Water Column Pressure 11" Natural Gas (NG) Water Column Pressure 7", with 3 burners. Orifice size LP #40/NG #9/64 - uses 10 gallons of LP per cone 10 firing. Estimated shipping weight is 1,585 lbs.

Contact Cathy Newlin at 503-255-3151 or
email her at


Skutt 1231PK - Dan Schmitt

$2750 by Dan Schmitt

Skutt 1231PK with APM elements, 16 high-almuina half shelves, Skutt Envirovent, kiln posts, 2 extra APM coated elements, 90 amp breaker, and copper wiring for install. Skutt's deepest electric kiln and rated to cone 10. Purchased in 2000 and used exclusively for porcelain firings. Bricks and elements in excellent condition.

Contact Dan at 541-221-8867 or email/text him at


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