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Slipcasting Supplies


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Rubber Bands Banding Straps MendersHanson Mixers


Rubber Bands

American-made heavy duty red rubber bands, 5/8" wide, packaged in boxes of one pound each. Piece count per bag varies with weight of individual bands by size. The last digit of the item number matches the rubber band's diameter in inches.

Net-priced at $5.75 per pound.

4" bands


5" bands


6" bands


7" bands


8" bands


9" bands


Nylon Web Banding Straps

Rubber bands are great for small or medium-sized molds (up to 10" on each side) that you use regularly, but rubber bands will oxidize and weaken over time. That can mean the bands aren't strong enough to properly hold together the parts of the molds. That can have dire consequences for your molds. The parts may warp away from each other, or the weakened bands may give way next time you pick up or move the mold. For all their size and weight, plaster molds are surprisingly fragile! Even without those problems, weakened bands may allow slip to leak between the mold parts. With large molds, that can lead to a real mess. For storing molds and for pouring large molds, we recommend nylon banding straps.

How to Use Banding Straps

Fold the U-shaped buckle under the tongue plate (the part that has three horizontal grooves.)
Wrap the strap around the mold. Make sure it isn't twisted. End of strap goes through the BACK slot.
Bend the strap forward OVER the crossbar between the two slots and DOWN through front slot.
Adjust the position of the strap around the mold. You need a couple inches of slack around the mold. If it's too tight you may crush the mold in the next step!
Flip the tongue plate forward to tighten the strap. It should not take major force to tighten and buckle the strap.

(Download a PDF copy of these instructions for future reference here.)


Yellow, 3ft

Buy 1 - 9 @ 10+ @
$3.25 ea $2.28 ea

Green, 4ft

Buy 1 - 9 @ 10+ @
$3.50 ea $2.45 ea

Blue, 5ft

Buy 1 - 9 @ 10+ @
$3.75 ea $2.63 ea

Orange, 6ft

Buy 1 - 9 @ 10+ @
$4.00 ea $2.80 ea

Pink, 8ft

Buy 1 - 9 @ 10+ @
$4.25 ea $2.98 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on quantities of the same individual item

Hanson Mixers

For many years we carried Jiffy Mixers as an industry standard. We've switched over to Hanson mixers because we like the radical toothed design that works fast and with a minimum of trapped air. The cleat-like teeth do a great job of digging, chewing up and mixing the solid materials that settle to the bottom of slip buckets, glaze jars, and other containers.

Side-by-side comparison of the heads of Hanson mixers. For perspective, they stand on the lid of a 5-gallon bucket.

When it comes to chewing up settled solid material, those teeth on the bottom mean business!


  Head Width Shaft Length Price  
HM001 1-1/4"w 8-7/8"L $10.50
HM002 2-1/4"w 13"L $17.99
HM003 3-3/16"w 17"L $22.50
HM003L 3-3/16"w 22"L $24.95
HM006 5-7/8"w 23-1/2"L $56.50

Menders for Greenware or Bisque

Just for those "oops!" moments: these menders work best when mixed into a slurry with a small amount of the clay used in the piece you want to fix.

Discounts Buy 1 - 5 at: Buy 6 - 11 at: 12+
AC527 $3.55 ea $2.68 ea  
HFM $7.89    
MAGMD $8.49    
MS675 $7.99    
MS677 $8.99    
MS678 $6.99    
SY545 $3.75 ea $2.82 ea $2.25 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on multiples of the same individual item

AC527 • 2oz jar
Sculpture Paste
For repair of non-fired items only


HFM • 2oz jar
Marx High-Fire Magic Mender
For clays that fire at cone 4 or higher


MAGMD • 4oz jar
Marx Low-Fire Magic Mender
For clays that fire at cone 04 - 06


MS675 • 2oz bottle
Apt II Ceramic Enhancer
For low-fired slip-cast clays


MS677 • 2oz bottle
Apt II Porcelain Enhancer
For cone 6 slipcast porcelain


MS678 • 2oz bottle
Apt II Mend-a-Mold
For mending broken plaster molds


SY545 • 4oz jar
Patch-a-Tatch Mender


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