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Mayco Bisque, Glazes & Underglazes

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Glazes & Underglazes

Founded in 1951, Mayco is one of the world's leading producers of quality ceramic products for artists, hobbyists, schools, manufacturers and others who work in ceramics. Mayco has long been known as a quality source of glazes and other fired finishes, with more than 600 different glaze colors in a wide variety of surfaces and textures.

& Jungle Gem
(Cone 06 to 10)

(Cone 6)
(Cone 06 to 10)
Press Tools,
& Molds

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Mayco Clear Glazes for Cone 06

Natural Clear Brushing Glaze

Natural Clear is lead-free, nontoxic and dinnerware safe for use over underglazes and on bisque.

Discounts Buy 1 - 5 at 6 - 11 @ 12+ @
4oz $2.75 ea $2.07 ea $1.65 ea
Pint $8.50 ea $6.38 ea $5.53 ea
Gallons Buy 1 @ 2 - 3 @ 4+ @
  $30.00 ea $24.00 ea $21.00 ea

Quantity discounts apply only on multiples of the same item

Natural Clear


Matte Transparent Clear



Clear One Dipping Glaze

The Clear One does not contain lead, it's food-safe, dries fast with few drips, and has the same shiny gloss finish as Mayco's (now discontinued) C-109 Wonder Clear.

Clear One Dipping Glaze

Pail (3-gal) Buy 1 @ 2+ @
  $68.00 ea $54.40 ea


Glaze Dipping Tongs

KEMPER DTA: For dipping bisque ceramic pieces into glaze containers. Four sharp grip points give these tongs a minimal footprint on the piece. Made from plated steel, the tongs have dipped plastic handles for better grip in your hand. About 12" long.

Kemper Glaze Dipping Tongs

Buy 1 - 5 @ 6 - 11 @ 12+ @
$11.69 ea $9.36 ea $8.19 ea


BROWN GLAZE TONGS: For serious dipping of heavy pieces! These tongs start with heavy-duty pliers, with additional points welded on for a sure grip. The slip joint in the pliers makes the tongs expandable for larger and heavier pieces that the Kemper tongs can't handle. Be careful with these tongs: it's easy to grip too hard and break the bisque! About 14" long.

BTTONGS $29.95
Brown Glaze Dipping Tongs


Stoneware Bisque

BRING THE ADVENTURE OF CONE 6 glazing and firing to your kiln with Mayco's new cone 6 stoneware bisque. The sample pieces shown above were glazed with Mayco's own cone 6 glazes. You can also use cone 6 glazes from Georgies, Coyote, Laguna, Duncan, Amaco or Spectrum on those pieces.

Texture Mats

ADD TEXTURE TO YOUR ART! Each flexible mat is
7” x 9” with nine different shapes to spark your creativity. The mats are large enough to get full coverage for most projects without having to overlap.

Silkscreen Images

ADD CREATIVE ELEMENTS TO YOUR ARTWORK! Each screen is 15” x 12” with different themes (Sealife, Nautical, etc) or patterns (Chevron or stripes). Combine AC310 Silkscreen Medium with underglazes, Stroke & Coatฎ or Designer Liner to create a paste which is pushed through the screen onto bisque or unfired glaze surface. Designer Silkscreens can also be used with acrylics or fabric paint and can be applied to other craft surfaces.

Designer Stencils

Use these stencils to apply glaze, paints, pastes or other media onto your work. Each stencil is 6" x 6" and pliable enough to wrap around curved surfaces. We offer 12 different designs that can be used to create texture or use as a stencil to carve designs.

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