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Spectrum Metallic Lowfire (^06) Glazes


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Spectrum is delighted to introduce their lowfire Metallic glazes! Unlike lusters or overglazes, these are regular low-fire glazes and will fire in your kiln with any other low-fire glaze. However, while the new glazes are lead-free, they are not nontoxic, and they are not dinnerware safe. These glazes carry the ACMI CL label, which means they are certified safe for use by adults and children in grades 7-12, as long as product warnings on the label are followed. These glazes should not be used by kids below grade level 7.


Small image of Spectrum SP151 glaze.
Spectrum Metallic Golden Halo Lowfire Glaze GlazesSP151Spectrum Golden Halo Lowfire GlazeSP151
SP151$21.75Spectrum Golden Halo Lowfire GlazeGeorgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR

SP151 • $21.75 (pint)
Golden Halo

Small image of Spectrum SP152 glaze.
Spectrum Metallic Moonlight Lowfire Glaze GlazesSP152Spectrum Moonlight Lowfire GlazeSP152
SP152$21.75Spectrum Moonlight Lowfire GlazeGeorgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR

SP152 • $21.75 (pint)

Small image of Spectrum SP153 glaze.
Spectrum Metallic Green Mirror Lowfire Glaze GlazesSP153Spectrum Green Mirror Lowfire GlazeSP153
SP153$21.75Spectrum Green Mirror Lowfire GlazeGeorgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR

SP153 • $21.75 (pint)
Green Mirror

Small image of Spectrum SP154 glaze.
Spectrum Metallic Wrought Iron Lowfire Glaze GlazesSP154Spectrum Wrought Iron Lowfire GlazeSP154
SP154$21.75Spectrum Wrought Iron Lowfire GlazeGeorgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR

SP154 • $21.75 (pint)
Wrought Iron

Small image of Spectrum SP155 glaze.
Spectrum Metallic Brushed Bronze Lowfire Glaze GlazesSP155Spectrum Brushed Bronze Lowfire GlazeSP155
SP155$21.75Spectrum Brushed Bronze Lowfire GlazeGeorgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR

SP155 • $21.75 (pint)
Brushed Bronze

Small image of Spectrum SP156 glaze.
Spectrum Metallic Green Patina Lowfire Glaze GlazesSP156Spectrum Green Patina Lowfire GlazeSP156
SP156$21.75Spectrum Green Patina Lowfire GlazeGeorgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR

SP156 • $21.75 (pint)
Green Patina


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