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Wheel-Mounted Trimming Tools


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Clay Shield by Wiziwig Tools

Trim with an Edge: Less "Crunching" and More Reclaiming
Keep Your Studio Healthy • Versatile for Most Splash Pans

The Clay Shield is a flexible row of interlocking plastic panels that wrap around the splash pan of most pottery wheels. The Clay Shield is high enough to catch most of the clay scraps, splats, and slip spatters that happened while throwing or trimming, and low enough not to get in your way too much! Keep your clay in the splash pan where it belongs, not on your floors -- and everywhere else, as we all know from experience. You'll benefit from using (and re-using) more of your clay, spending less time on studio cleanup, and reducing possible amounts of dust.

WWC • $29.99
Wiziwig Clay Shield
( fits most splash pans)


The Giffin Grip

The Giffin Grip has proven its usefulness thousands of times in studios across the country and around the world. It has become an all-but-essential tool for production work of any size or kind on the wheel.

The Giffin Grip is a recentering, holding and trimming tool for leatherhard or bisque ware. After an initial one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip snaps on and off your wheelhead easily. Three arms position your pot in the center, and you're ready to work. The complete package comes with everything you see here, including:

  • Basic sliders for plates, bowls and lids.
  • 2" arms for mugs, teacups and small casseroles
  • 3" arms for larger mugs
  • 4" arms for small bottles, pitchers and jars
  • 5" arms for medium bottles and pitchers
  • 6" arms for taller bottles, pitchers and larger vases
  • Wide sliders expand the usable diameter to 14 inches

CT127 • $199.00 (MSRP $219.00)
Giffin Grip Full System



Model 10 Upgrades

Sometimes you can improve even on a classic, and the designers at Giffin Tec have done just that. With the release of Model 10 they've upgraded the materials and tweaked the design of several key parts, like the basic sliders shown at left, now made with a distinctive blue plastic. Looks aside, the new sliders are much taller and will get a little closer. The pads will last longer, and the "feel" of the whole device is just a bit more precise. You can upgrade older Giffin Grips to the Model 10 standard with the parts kit below.

BSTK10 • $49.95
Giffin Grip Upgrade Kit



Giffin Grip Parts

Giffin Flex Slider III.

GFFS • $40.00
Giffin Flex Slider III (Pack of 3)
The Giffen Flex Slider III makes it easy for you to trim handbuilt, asymmetrical, or plain old wonky pots on the Giffin Grip! Click the image at left for larger view.


BB3 • $19.95
Bottom Brackets (set of 3)


BBS3 • $29.95
Basic Sliders (set of 3)


BWS3 • $29.95
Wide Sliders (set of 3)


GFP3 • $2.95
Slider Foam Pads (set of 3)


GFR15W15 • $49.95
Rods & Hands (set of 15)


RH23 • $14.95
2" Rods with Molded Hands (3)


RH33 • $14.95
3" Rods with Molded Hands (3)


RH43 • $14.95
4" Rods with Molded Hands (3)


RH53 • $14.95
5" Rods with Molded Hands (3)


RH63 • $14.95
6" Rods with Molded Hands (3)



Giffin Lid-Master Calipers

Make one measurement and you have its opposite immediately. Does the work of two standard calipers with greater speed, ease, and accuracy.

GI129 • $14.95
Fits up to 11" wide


GI130 • $29.95
Fits up to 20" wide


The QT2: Bailey's Trimming System

More and more potters are creating organically shaped pots, with altered or multi-sided forms. With the Bailey QT2, it's easy and fast to trim them. Unlike other centering devices, the QT2 will accept virtually ANY shape or form. It takes only 7 seconds to secure a piece for trimming!

The QT2 fits all wheelheads with either 9" or 10" bat pin spacing. The outer diameter of the standard* QT2 (in stock at Georgies) is 15-1/2 inches. It can secure forms with diameters up to 11-3/4", using the four 1" holders with dense foam and vinyl covers.

The Bailey Quick-Trim II has many advantages:

  • FOUR holders (not three) for more flexibility when securing pottery forms
  • Fast independent adjustment of each holder against the exterior shape.
  • Superior holding power by applying “equalized” holder pressure inward from opposite sides of the pot.
  • Each QT2 can be used in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  • Fast mounting and dismounting of the QT2 on any wheel head with the same bat pin centers.
  • Holds virtually any shape, whether symmetrical, multi-sided, or asymmetrical.

QT2 • $115.00
Bailey Quick Trim System


*Call or email for information about other sizes, available by special order.

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