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Serving 3-D & clay artists in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1965
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Paper & Specialty Clays

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Bone Paper Clay (cone 5 AA407)

Aardvark 's Bone is great for handbuilding. Has fine grog added for wet modeling green strength, and is bone white in color. This is for decoration only, it is not intended for functional ware. Not stocked - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - 50# minimum order

50lb 100lb 500lb 100lb 2000lb
$54.50 $99.00 $455.00 $830.00 $1500.00


Nara Paper Clay (cone 10 AA408)

Aardvark's Nara provides handbuilding properties unlike any traditional porcelains. Has many of the attributes of English grolleg bodies while avoiding the expense. This is for decoration only, it is not intended for functional ware. Not stocked - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - 50# minimum order

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$42.50 $75.50 $140.00 $625.00 $1070.00 $1940.00


IMCO Paper Clay (cone 06-10 IMPC)

Ivory is IMCO's sculpture clay body with paper fiber added to produce a light weight clay with incredible green strength. This Paper Clay allows the sculpture to attach dry to dry, wet to dry, and even wet to bisque. In some instances, the green strength of the piece is so high, it does not need to be fired. IMCO's Paper Clay fires to a cream color in oxidation and a tan color in reduction. Recommended for sculpting and hand building.

Dry shrinkage is 5.3%.
Cone 10 Fired Shrinkage is 13%
Cone 10 Absorption of 4.1%.

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$40.50 $73.00 $133.00 $605.00 $1100.00 $2000.00


Max's Paper Clay (cone 0610 LA953)

Fires to a gray-stony-white in reduction at cone 10, off white at cone 5 oxidation, and bright white at cone 05 (raku). It is a medium textured, low shrinkage body designed for large-scale hand-built sculpture and tile work where thick cross sections (up to 1 inch) are anticipated. Contains a moderate amount of fine and medium mesh grog.
Not stocked - SPECIAL ORDER ONLY - 50# minimum order

Penetrometer Target of 6.
Average Shrinkage is 2%:14%.
Average Water Absorption is 1%:5%.
COE x 10-6:6.175.

50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$82.00 $149.00 $680.00 $1240.00 $2240.00


Wed Clay (no fire LA217)

This clay has been specifically formulated to be a very smooth, slow drying clay for modeling. It is used primarily by design studios and the entertainment industry for design, mock-up and tooling. Not formulated to be fired.

Penetrometer Target of 6
AverageShrinkage is about 2%:5%,
Water absorption is about 1%:10%.

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$18.75 $55.00 $100.00 $455.00 $820.00 $1500.00

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