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Shimpo/Nidek Handheld Extruder

This Handheld Extruder is the most complete, easy-to-use hand extruder on the market. It comes fully assembled, ready to use, and equipped with 8 solid die shapes. All parts are fully replaceable in case of damage or defect. It's easy to clean, too: all you need is warm water! You'll find many uses for this exceptionally rugged small extruder in your studio or classroom. Full Instructions, parts list and adjustment tool are included with the extruder.

GEXS Extruder
GEXS - Handheld Extruder
Extruder Information Sheets (4 pages)

  • 9x2" aluminum barrel
  • Quick-release end cap
  • One-year warranty on parts
  • Hollow die brace sold separately
GEXS $99.00
Shimpo Handheld Extruder
(includes 8 standard Georgies dies + 6 Shimpo dies)
GEXEV $187.00
The "Everything" Set
(includes GEXS extruder, 14 standard dies, and
hollow die brace) RETAIL $220.00
GEXEVB $222.00
The "Everything + Bonus" Set
(includes GEXS extruder, 14 standard dies, 8 bonus
hollow dies, and hollow die brace) RETAIL $261.00



Hollow Die Brace

hollow die brace only
GEXHBB Hollow Die Brace only
GEXHB Hollow die brace plus 8 manufacturer dies


Hollow Shapes

GEXH9 Large Round



Handbuilders' Coil Dies

(Click thumbnails of glazed samples for larger images)

GEXC1 Large Half-Round
Extrusion measures 1-1/2"w by 13/16"h
GEXC2 Small Half-Round
Extrusion measures 1"w by 9/16"h
GEXC3 Indented Coil
Extrusion measures 1-3/16"w by 5/8"h



Handle Shapes

GEXN1 Handle #1
Extrusion measures 1-1/8"w by 3/8"h
GEXN2 Handle #2
Extrusion measures 7/8"w by 3/8"h
GEXN3 Handle #3
Extrusion measures 1-5/16"w by 1/4"h
GEXN4 Handle #4
Extrusion measures 1-7/16"w by 3/8"h
GEXN5 Handle #5
Extrusion measures 7/8"w by 1/2 "h
GEXN6 Handle #6
Extrusion measures 1-1/16"w by 3/8"h
GEXN7 Handle #7
Extrusion measures 1-3/16"w by 7/16"h
GEXN8 Handle #8
Extrusion measures 1-1/16"w by 3/8"h



Rope Braids

GEXR3 Large 3-strand Rope
Extrusion measures 1-3/8"w
GEXR4 Small 3-strand Rope
Extrusion measures 15/16"w



Blank Die Set

GEXB Set of 4 Blank Dies
Aluminum dies that can be cut to your own specifications. Mark with a sharpie, drill the center, then us a jeweler's saw to cut.




Set of 9 Dies plus the blocker die that fits our GEX extruder. You get 9 discs with 4 sizes of each of the most common shapes and a blocking die to select the shape that you want to use. Durable discs that will last a long time if they are cleaned after each use.

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