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Duncan Bisque, Glazes & Underglazes

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Dipping Tongs Non Fire Catalog Sealers

-- Duncan to Mayco Conversion chart--
Duncan is selling their glaze lines to Mayco. Some lines will be completely discontinued so what we have in stock is all that is available. The items listed on the left side will be discontinued - but the Mayco items on the right are similar and available. (Items marked with an asterisk are on the list below and can be reordered)
Please click on the image at left for a 5 page PDF

-- Best of Duncan Glazes --
The items listed on the "best of Fired/Non-Fired Assortment" will be available to reorder.
Please click on the image at left for a 2 page PDF

Glazes & Underglazes

Click the sample chips to visit specific pages

Artisan Glazes
(cone 06)
Concepts Underglazes
for Bisque
Courtyard Glazes
(cone 06)
Cover Coats
(opaque underglazes)

Designer Glazes
cone 06)
Envision Glazes
(cone 06)
EZ-Stroke Translucent Underglazes French Dimensions

True Matte ^6 Pastel Matte
True Matte Glazes
(cone 5-6)
True Matte Glazes
(cone 06)
Satin Glazes
(cone 06)
Shimmer Glazes
(cone 06)

Renaissance Glazes
Renaissance Glazes
(cone 6)
Crystal Glazes
(cone 06)
Specialty Glazes
(Crackles & Metallics
for cone 06)
Over Glazes
(cone 018)

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Colorburst Crystal Chips
(fires between cone 06-6)

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Acrylic Paints
(non fired)

Duncan Spray Sealers Click on photo at left to shop
for these items.
Spray Sealers are NOT food safe and NOT meant to be fired. Use only with acrylics or other non-fired paints.

Click the image for a PDF that you can print

Pure Brilliance Info Guide
French Dimensions
Info Guide
Non-Fired Colors, Brushes & Sealers for Acrylics

-- 12/03/20 Duncan Bisque SOLD to Chesapeake --
Duncan has sold their bisque line to Chesapeake Ceramics. We will no longer be carrying Duncan bisque items. Once these items are gone, we will no longer be able to get them. Please call for current availability. Web orders will be filled/charged based on what we have in stock. We take your order off the website and do not charge your card until we ship out or when you come to pick up.

We will continue to carry Mayco's bisque line. We will add the Mayco low fire line soon.

Ready-to-Paint Ceramic Bisque

Please Note: UPS shipping costs are based on weight and distance plus an additional charge for bisqueware due to the special handling and packaging needs for these items.

Quantity discounts apply when ordering 6 or more of the same item

Header photo for Duncan bisque dishes.
Dishes & Dinnerware in 17 different styles.

Animals Banks Bowls Boxes

Decor & Frames Fairies & Fantasy Holidays Home & Garden

Kids & Tweens Kitchen & Serving Mugs & Cups Vases

Duncan Clear Glazes for Cone 06

Concepts Clear Dipping Glaze (CN2000D)

Concepts Clear gives a brilliant glossy finish. Leadfree and nontoxic, it is formulated specifically for use over Concepts underglazes for bisque.

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
CN2000DG - Gallon $33.00 ea $26.40 ea $23.10 ea
CN2000DT - 3.5 Gal $77.00 ea $61.60 ea  


Envision Clear Glaze (IN1001)

Envision Clear is lead-free, nontoxic and dinnerware-safe for use over underglazes and on bisque. Truly versatile and beautiful, Envision Clear is also excellent for gold and decal firings. Formulated for application by brushing.

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
IN1001 - 4 oz jar $3.00 ea $2.55 ea $1.80 ea
IN1001P - Pint $9.00 ea $6.75 ea $5.85 ea

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
IN1001G - Gallon $33.00 ea $26.40 ea $23.10 ea
IN1001T - 3.5 Gal $77.00 ea $61.60 ea  


Satin Clear Glaze (SN351)

Satin Clear provides a subtle, smooth sheen to underglazes and bisque. Formulated for application by brushing.

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
SN351 - 4 oz jar $3.00 ea $2.55 ea $1.80 ea
SN351 - Pint $9.00 ea $6.75 ea $5.85 ea

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
SN351 - Gallon $33.00 ea $26.40 ea $23.10 ea
SN351 - 3.5 Gal $77.00 ea $61.60 ea  


Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze

Brushing formula: This is the first ever high-performance clear glaze for lowfire temperatures. It's forgiving in application, fast and stable in drying, and gives a high-gloss clear shine. It plays well with underglazes too!

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
26394 - 4 oz jar $3.00 ea $2.55 ea $1.80 ea
26395 - Pint $9.00 ea $6.75 ea $5.85

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
26396G - Gallon $33.00 ea $26.40 ea $23.10 ea
26397T - 3.5 Gal $77.00 ea $61.60 ea  


Dipping formula: the same high-performance formula, blended for quick application by dipping your pieces into a container full of glaze.

When you buy ... 1 ... 2-3 ... 4+ ...
26398G - Gallon $33.00 ea $26.40 ea $23.10 ea
26399T - 3.5 Gal $77.00 ea $61.60 ea  

Glaze Dipping Tongs

KEMPER DTA: For dipping bisque ceramic pieces into glaze containers. Four sharp grip points give these tongs a minimal footprint on the piece. Made from plated steel, the tongs have dipped plastic handles for better grip in your hand. About 12" long.

Kemper Glaze Dipping Tongs

Buy 1-5 ...
6-11 ...
12+ ...
$14.49 ea
$11.59 ea
$10.14 ea

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