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This page is dedicated to the creativity of artists using Georgies Clays or Glazes (or both!) in their work. We invite you to click through the galleries to enjoy larger images of their creations and visit their websites to see more.

If you'd like to share your work in our online gallery, please send your photos for consideration to We can work with photos in most common file formats. And remember to send your artist's statement or biographical info too!

To browse the online gallery, click any filmstrip image to open full-size pictures. To navigate between pictures, click anywhere on the left side for the previous picture, or anywhere on the right side for the next. Click the X in the lower right corner or press the Escape key to close the full-size display.

Previously in our Gallery ...

Amanda Shaw

"I have had the opportunity to explore many artistic mediums, but ceramics has stolen my heart. No other craft is as challenging, complex, and exhilarating. I find that I go through moments of tranquility and then transition directly into moments of incredible suspense with each piece that I make. Sometimes the path is clear, I know exactly what I want from my materials. Other times, the clay or glaze has something else in mind and I have to feel out those moments and simply enjoy the process. I understand why people dedicate their lives to mastering ceramics, it can take a lifetime and still there will be more to learn!
My hands will forever be muddy, for I have found my heart's artistic passion in ceramics."

For more of Amanda's work visit Botanical Ceramics Northwest on


Jennifer Hill

"I create ceramic art of diminutive proportions that evokes a sense ofcontainment and contradiction. A safe interior glaze makes thevessels technically utilitarian but certain pieces are designed withan unusual and rather perplexing structure for function. The tactileexterior develops a strong contradiction between inside and outthrough both color and texture. Some vessels are built with a rough,weathered construction, protecting an inviting satiny whitesmoothness. I live on Kauai where the flora of the land and sea isrich and luscious. My artwork is influenced by the textures of myenvironment and the clever devices nature enlists to thrive."

Jennifer Hill uses Amaco Velvet underglazes, Duncan Concepts underglazes for bisque,Georgies cone 6 clear glazes PG620 Transparent and PG646 Semi-Transparent Satin, and pigment stains. Before moving to Hawaii, she lived here in Portland and worked at Georgies.

Her bauble vessels are hand-built, bauble by bauble. The cups and yunomis are wheel-thrown, trimmed, and textured by hand, mark by mark. All are fired to cone 5.5 in electric kilns.

For more of Jennifer's work visit


Liisa Rahkonen

"I do not have an image before I start working. I throw my slabs and just start cutting and ripping out random shapes. I follow the shapes that the pieces suggest: a human head here, arms like swaths of kelp there. Most are quite disparate and I have no clear pathway of how they will fit together until close to the end. Even then, I find myself cutting the finished piece apart and reassembling the pieces. Glazes are applied in layers, then sanded or rasped off, excavating layers of color."

For more of Liisa's work visit


Stephen R. Hicks

Stephen uses a variety of Georgies raku glazes in his work.

As a child, I loved everything Mother Nature had to offer my wildest imagination. Trees, wood, clay, dirt, rocks... The sky, the clouds, the mountains, the ocean...

Then I grew up.

I found myself in the daily grind of life. I was fortunate enough to allow my creativity time to breathe while renovating both beautiful and not-so-beautiful homes. These houses and their land spoke to me. They told the richness of their history through architecture and items left behind. Through gifts in the landscape and under the earth. In a sense, I became a self-taught archaeologist and paleontologist.

I began to travel throughout the Southeast finding historical bottles, Native American artifacts, fossils, precious stones and other fascinating items. My imagination cherished the stories behind each one of these finds. These treasures. Ahhh... all those remembrances of the imaginative child within me. It felt good. It revitalized my soul.

I have come full circle into expressing myself through several modalities of art. My art is inspired by Imagination, Mother Nature and Great Spirit. I hope my art inspires others to find the deep, authentic imagination within themselves.


Terri Axness


"I enjoy the complexity of clay, the endless possibilities, the challenges. The incredible northwest is so diverse and capturing elements of it in clay provides infinite subject matter.Currently, my work is celebrating where we live, town and country."

Terri Axness is a retired teacher, painter and potter known for the diversity of her work.Terri was raised in Baker City, Oregon.She received her BA from University of Oregon, MS in Education from Eastern Oregon University, and has taught art in public school for over thirty years.She works in acrylic, oil, pencil, watercolor and clay capturing a wide variety of subject matter from the serious to the whimsical.

(Photography by Megan Dorrah)
For more of Terri's work visit


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