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Airbrushes, Sprayer Booths & Accessories

Airbrushes ...

Single-Action Model H

Paasche's Deluxe kit includes the airbrush, two tips for thin to thick liquids, hose, tool kit, cup load, three bottles, and instructions. Just press down and spray. Excellent for beginners and a great value!
MSRP is $105.00

PH100 $84.95
Paasche H Airbrush Kit


Double-Action Model VL Airbrush

Paasche's VL kit contains the same supplies as the Model H kit, but works with a double-action gun. Press down for air, pull back for glaze, which allows for greater control for the spray. MSRP is $136.00

PH200 $108.95
Paasche VL Airbrush Kit

Sprayers ...

Glaze Sprayer

Paasche's Glaze Sprayer operates on a relatively low pressure of 20-45PSI and falls between an airbrush and a spray gun. It efficiently sprays glazes, fixatives, medium lacquers, varnishes and enamels. Price includes the hose. MSRP is $69.00

PH300 $59.95
Paasche Glaze Sprayer


Glaze Sprayer

Use the power of your breath to quickly and easily spray glazes or oxides on your clay work! Inside the metal container is a tiny tube from the bottom to the top. When you blow through the top pipe, your breath creates suction that pulls the liquid up through the vertical tube and the liquid exits the sprayer as a mist. 100 ml.

MJ01 $19.00
Glaze Sprayer

Spray Booths ...

HB 22" x 16" Spray Booth

Rugged, compact in size and easy to assemble. Come equipped with a 115 volt fan. It is not intended for use with hazardous, flammable or explosive materials. This portable booth by Paasche uses galvanized metal for easy cleaning and durability. With working dimensions of 22" wide x 16" high, it is perfect for small studio spaces. Noise level is 47 Dbs.
Special order only. We will call you when it ships ut.

HB2216 $425.00
Spray Booth


HSSB 30" x 16" Spray Booth

Like the one above, only a little wider. Both Fiber Glass Paint and the Carbon filters are included and easily replaced. Wear your paint and vapor mask for protection. Easy to clean galvanized metal! Comes with two 6" fans, two Duct adapaters (use 4" dryer duct for exhausting), 6' power cord, two filters plus instructions and hardware. 30"w x 16"h & 20"d. Great for small studio spaces. Noise level is 47 Dbs.
Special order only. We will call you when it ships ut.

HSSB-30-16 $569.00
Spray Booth


Hobby Spray Booth

Compact, lighweight, and portable with its ability to fold up for storage. High density filter sponges for most paint and moisture. Powerful fan with fiberglass filter and relatively quiet motor. 25W power, 110-120V/60Hz, 7-5/8" turntable and hose extends from 27.5" to 67". MSRP $179.00

HSSB 16-13 $159.95
Spray Booth

Compressor ...

At 1/10 horsepower, the oil-less D500 piston compressor delivers 20-40 PSI, depending on which airbrush you use. Uses standard 110 volt power to give .4CFM at 20 PSI. Recommended for the PH100 and PH200 - not suitable for the PH300.

D500 $148.00
Paasche Compressor

Airbrush Bottles ...

Glass Bottle with Metal Lid Assembly 1oz

H1 $7.80
Glass Bottle w/Metal Lid - 1oz

Glass Bottle with Metal Lid Assembly 3oz

H3 $7.95
Glass Bottle w/Metal Lid - 3oz

Glass Bottle with Lid 3oz

H193 $3.70
Glass Bottle with Lid - 3oz

Plastic Bottle with Lid 3oz

H195 $3.95
Plastic Bottle with Lid - 3oz

Plastic Bottle w/Fitting on Lid 3oz

HP3 $7.00
Plastic Bottle w/Fitting on Lid - 3oz


Airbrush Hose ...

8' Braided Air Hose with couplings. Has 1/4" NPT couplings on both ends. This fits Paasche's PH300 large sprayer.

HL3/16-8 $17.50
Air Hose for PH300

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