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Amaco Satin Matte Glazes
(Cone 5 - Cone 6)

Satin Mattes break slightly over edges and texture with a soft satin feel. These glazes are formulated to be 100% mixable - except for Orange and Red which have a different base. Use Clear Satin to lighten color tones.


Satin Matte Glaze Mixing Video Create a custom palette using AMACO Celadon glazes! This video discusses Celadons and underglaze, mixing Celadons, and translucency.

Click on the image at left to see the YouTube video.

Amaco Black Satin Matte Glaze

SM1 $20.00
Black Satin Matte

Amaco White Satin Matte Glaze

SM11 $20.00
White Satin Matte

Amaco Light Blue Satin Matte Glaze

SM20 $20.00
Light Blue Satin Matte

Amaco Dark Blue Satin Matte Glaze

SM21 $20.00
Dark Blue Satin Matte

Amaco Teal Satin Matte Glaze

SM27 $20.00
Teal Satin Matte

Amaco Blue Green Satin Matte Glaze

SM29 $20.00
Blue Green Satin Matte

Amaco Mint Satin Matte Glaze

SM42 $20.00
Mint Satin Matte

Amaco Chartreuse Satin Matte Glaze

SM44 $20.00
Chartreuse Satin Matte

Amaco Red Satin Matte Glaze

SM51 $20.00
Red Satin Matte

Amaco Yellow Satin Matte Glaze

SM63 $20.00
Yellow Satin Matte

Amaco Orange Satin Matte Glaze

SM68 $20.00
Orange Satin Matte


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