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Armatures, Wire & Calipers


Armature Wire

Noncorrosive and lightweight, this wire is fully pliable, non-staining and economical.
Please remove from items to be fired. Intended for use with non-fired
clay or plateline-type clays.

Aluminum Sculpture Wire
This wire is suitable as wire wrapping or for very small
sculptures. 1/16" diameter x 32 ft per package
SC907A $8.00

Aluminum Sculpture Wire
This wire is suitable for sculptures up to 15" tall.
1/8" diameter x 20ft per package
SC907B $10.30

Aluminum Sculpture Wire
This wire is suitable for sculptures up to 24" tall.
3/16" diameter x 10ft per package
SC907C $13.50

Aluminum Sculpture Wire
This wire is suitable for sculptures up to 36" tall.
1/4" diameter x 10ft per package
SC907D $27.00

Aluminum Sculpture Wire
This wire is suitable for sculptures from 36" tall up
to lifesize. 3/8" diameter x 10ft per package
SC907E $40.00

Armatures with Bases

Strong, fully adjustable flakeboard bases, formica-covered with non-staining, pliable almaloy wire. Position adjustable steel backirons for standing, kneeling or sitting sculptures.
Do not use for items to be fired unless you remove the wire and base prior to firing.

Human Figures

Human Figure - 12" armature
SCFA3 $38.00

Human Figure - 15" armature
SCFA4 $48.00

Human Figure - 18" armature
SCFA5 $60.00


Head and Bust

Head & Bust - 13" (1/2 lifesize)
SCHA2 $32.00

Head & Bust - 20" (lifesize)
SCHA4 $58.00



If you are sculpting and using more than 5 lbs. of Plastilina, moist clay or other sculpting medium, an armature is a must-have to act as an internal skeleton for your piece since the clay cannot support itself. Our 10" animal armature serves as this support framework; it is a horse-shape since most animals have this basic form.

Animal - 10" (with board)
SCAA10 $45.00


Aluminum Adjustable Calipers

Aluminum calipers with screw joints for adjustable tightness. They come in three sizes for measurements from small to large. Use as shown for exterior measurements, or cross the arms (so the points are to the outside) for interior measurements.

Quantity discounts apply when purchasing multiples of the same item number

Discounts... Buy 1-5 ... Buy 6-11 ... 12+ ...
AL8 = 8"
$9.95 ea $7.96 ea $6.97 ea
AL10 = 10"
$10.89 ea $8.71 ea $7.62 ea
AL12 = 12"
$13.39 ea $10.71 ea $9.37 ea
Kemper Aluminum Sculpture Calipers


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