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Practical Pottery

PB2216 $24.95
Practical Pottery
Jon Schmidt, creator behind "Jon the Potter" on YouTube, takes you through the basics and then dives deep into the world of clay and wheels. Includes insights into the business side of creating and selling your creations. No matter your experience level, Jon will guide you through set up to selling your work.

Carve Your Clay

PB2214 • $26.99
Carve Your Clay
Hilda Carr covers a wide range of decorative carving techniques from incising, combing, inlaying to sgraffito, faceting and fettling. 16 projects created in her signature style using step-by-step photography and easy to follow instructions. Simple guides show how to create form plus glaze and firing information suitable for all skill levels.

Pinch Your Pottery

PB2217 $24.99
Pinch Your Pottery
Jacqui Atkin, a widely respected ceramics teacher and author, explains in detail the myriad of forms that can be made using the minimum of tools with plenty of options for decoration and glazing techniques. From whimsical to useful, these projects are beautifully illustrated and designed to be easily accessible for all skill levels.


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Practical Pottery

Practical Pottery

Jon Schmidt, creator behind "Jon the Potter" on YouTube, takes you through the basics and then dives deep into the world of clay and wheels. Includes insights into the business side of creating and selling your creations. No matter your experience level, Jon will guide you through set up without expensive equipment and materials to selling your work. He also gives you numberous tips and tricks for creating functional pottery.

PB2216 $24.95 Qty:


Ceramics Masterclass

Ceramics Masterclass

Louisa Taylor examines 100 of the most beautiful and inventive artworks by the world's greatest artists, exploring the way they were made, what they do well, and how and what we can learn from them. Organized by genre, provides practical tips and advice, examples selected for particular quality in ceramics, and explores the creative vision of each ceramicist. Detailed analyses and instructive creative tips abound!

PB2215 $30.00 Qty:


The Potter's Bible

The Potter's Bible

Marilyn Scott guides you with step-by-step photo sequences covering a comprehensive range of shaping, firing, and decorating techniques detailed enough for beginners. Learn about essential tools, equipment and different types of clay. See methods of building pots using slabbing, coiling, throwing, and molding a variety of shapes and forms. Explore dozens of surface texture effects plus glazing, enameling and adding luster.

PB2212 $14.99 Qty:


Sustainable Ceramics

Sustainable Ceramics

Robert Harrison has been a ceramic artist and educator for nearly 40 years. He recognizes the need for work that is not only beautifully designed and produced, but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. He covers factors to consider when going "green" including fuels, alternative firing methods, sustainable ways to collect clay and dealing with waste, as well as saving water. Reduce your carbon foot print by reclaiming, reusing, and reusing your work.

PB2199 $32.97 Qty:


250 Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets for Potters

250 Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets for Potters

This book is just like having an expert on call, 24/7, with answers to any ceramic questions or dilemmas you might have. Step-by-step photos, diagrams and clear instructions guide you through each stage of your work, or you can look up details for help with a particular problem. Discover how to improvise tools from kitchen implements, find a shortcut to rolling faultless coils, and more valuable techniques hard-won from real experience. Every section features "fix-it" and "try-it" panels, suggesting ways to practice or develop your skills and avoid common errors.

PB2105 $26.99 Qty:


Ceramic Faults and Their Remedies

PB2098 Ceramic Faults and Their Remedies

This book is dedicated to helping potters identify quickly the nature, causes and remedies of a multitude of difficulties that can arise during pottery production. Comprehensive and easy to use, it has aleady proved itself to be an enormously helpful source of reference for craft potters and those working in the ceramic industry. The second edition has been fully redesigned with colour illustrations and the text has been revised, updated and expanded to reflect new developments.

PB2098 $26.95 Qty:


Additions to Clay Bodies

PB2147 Additions to Clay Bodies

PB2147 $32.97
This book begins with an introduction to collecting local clay materials and making your own clay bodies, then movs on to cover the array of additions being used by artists today. Possible additions include hard materials like stone, glass and rust, to combustible matter and fiber, to metals including wire and mesh, and color in various forms. The book is lavishly illustrated throughout with unique making methods and beautiful finished works from ceramic artists around the world. It's an inspiring introduction and an essential companion if you've ever considered expanding the horizons of your creative work into this new realm.



Colouring Clay

PB2115 Colouring Clay

Learn the ways of coloring your clay from white to pastel to deep, rich colors. Jo Connell gives you a brief introduction to encaustic tile, sprigging and art pottery and explains the principal techniques for working with colored clays. You will explore the selection of choosing clay and stains through forming and firing. Learn coil and handbuilding methods to marble, make applied reliefs, add swirls and subtle hues with mixes and overlays. Plus bonus information on loaf and cane forms such as agate, nerikomi, and millefori designs.

PB2115 $28.95 Qty:


The Potter's Encyclopedia ...

PB2129 Encyclopedia of Color, Form and Decoration

This comprehensive reference is a road map for the limitless shapes and forms, colors, and decorations of pottery: it is a starting point for personal exploration. This practical reference presents a multitude of great glaze recipes and how to create them. More than 700 individual glazes are vividly displayed.

PB2129 $19.97 Qty:


Naked Clay: Ceramics Without Glaze

PB2131 Naked Clay: Ceramics Without Glaze

A growing number of ceramic artists choose not to glaze their work. Instead they use unglazed -- naked -- surfaces to achieve their design objectives. From slips and terra sigillata to burnishing, engobes, oxide washes and additions to the clay body, these artists employ a wide range of techniques to achieve desirable finishes.This book will not only inform and inspire students, professionals and teachers, but it will also fascinate collectors and anyone interested in ceramics.

PB2131 $39.95 Qty:


Surface, Glaze & Form (Pottery Techniques)

PB2132 Surface, Glaze & Form (Pottery Techniques)

From concept and design to forming and firing -- not to mention chemistry, thermodynamics, math, color theory, history, and a host of other skills -- the 30 artists in this bookdiscuss their techniques, and also the thoughts and reasons behind their methods. All types of forming methods, from handbuilding to slipcasting, are illustrated in detailed photo sequences, along with surface techniques that cover the gamut of decorative possibilities.

PB2132 & $29.97 Qty:


Science for Potters

PB2191 Science for Potters

Linda Bloomfield, trained as a scientist, presents the aspects of science which are useful to potters and provides a deeper understanding of ceramic materials and processes. Geology, chemistry and materials science all play a roll in the structure and composition of clay and glazes used in your work. Knowing where your materials come from, how they are formed, the chemisty of glazes and how colors are made, all help your work evolve and provide greater control over and new insights into your craft.

PB2191 • $34.99 Qty:

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In the Potter's Kitchen

In the Potter's Kitchen

Sumi von Dassow loves to cook and make pottery. In this book she shares her passion for food and clay with information on materials, glazes and what to consider when making pots to cook in and serve on. Plus you'll get recipes that go great with those amazing pots that you will have you running to your studio to create!

PB2198 • $32.97 Qty:


Making Pottery you can use

Making Pottery You Can Use

Jacqui Atkin shows you how to create plates that stack, lids that fit, spouts that pour, and handles that stay on. In this book you will learn about function and how to work out the proportions, choosing the right clay, picking the best method to create your item, plus how to choose food safe glazes. Lots of color photos and step-by-step instructions.

PB2188 • $24.99 Qty:


Kitchen Pots, Bakers, & Serving Vessels

Kitchen Pots, Bakers, & Serving Vessels

This book covers 19 projects from muffin pans and juicers, to batter bowls and salt shakers. Great for those who want to create the perfect size prep and display items necessary for culinary enthusiasts. The artists help you understand the process as well as functional considerations for size and shapes of each vessel. This is part of a Ceramic Arts series of books.

PB2185 $19.97 Qty:



Pitchers, Teapots, Cups & Mugs

Pitchers, Teapots, Cups & Mugs

Pouring and drinking vessels are abundant in any kitchen and need to be functional, sturdy, and visually appealing. You will find 18 projects with detailed instructions for making pots using both handbuilding and wheel-throwing methods. Find a variety of items including a thermos and mug set, to a lidded creamer and ewer, to tea sets and goblets.

PB2186 $19.97 Qty:



Jars, Vases, Boxes, & Baskets

Jars, Vases, Boxes, & Baskets

Handmade pots serve a wide range of functions. You will get 19 projects that range from flower vases to flour canisters to whiskey bottles and cookie jars. Learn how to dart and divide thrown forms for baskets, vases and jars as well as how to make lids that fit perfectly on your round and square canisters. This book will help you with productivity and creativity within your studio.

PB2184 $19.97 Qty:


Plates, Platters & Bowls

Plates,Platters & Bowls

20 projects that you can make from a large wall hanging platter down to small treat bowls. Using both handbuilding and wheel throwing methods along with solutions to common problems like handling very large ware without hurting your back. Explore asymmetrical forms using geometry to create origami-like shapes along with simple but useful nesting bowls. With the wide range of techniques, you will be able to make your own decorative and functional wares to use and share.

PB2183 $19.97 Qty:

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Mastering The Potter's Wheel

Ben Carter takes your skills and your work to the next level. Start with an introduction to centering on the wheel to create basic forms. Then move up to large objects like pitchers and platters to altering, darting, and paddling for a wide range of possibilities. Inspiration abounds within this book!

PB2211 $30.00 Qty:


Throwing Techniques

This Ceramic Arts Handbook brings together the best techniques, tips and projects from more than two dozen experts published in Pottery Making Illustrated and Ceramics Monthly.
This book assumes that you already know how to throw and the goal here is to expand your skills and options by showing you a wide variety of techniques from many talented potters. From a basic teapot to a challenging dessert dish, each step-by-step project is guaranteed to inspire you for years to come.

PB2172 $32.97 Qty:

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Pinch Your Pottey

Hand Built: A Potter's Guide

PB2217 $24.99
Pinch Your Pottery
Jacqui Atkin, a widely respected ceramics teacher and author, explains in detail the myriad of forms that can be made using the minimum of tools with plenty of options for decoration and glazing techniques. From whimsical to useful, these projects are beautifully illustrated and designed to be easily accessible for all skill levels.



Hand Built: A Potter's Guide

Hand Built: A Potter's Guide

PB2208 $24.95
Hand Built: A Potter's Guide
Melissa Weiss takes you with her as she digs, processes, and uses her own clay in every pot she makes. She shows some traditional as well as not so familiar methods of hand building to make serving trays, buckets, plus building vases and pitchers using two slab-built bowls. She shows how to create bisque molds for platters and dishes. plus using wax resist, sgraffito and carving for one of a kind pieces.



Mastering Hand Building

Mastering Hand Building

PB2209 $32.00
Mastering Hand Building
Sunshine Cobb pushes the reader to try more advanced construction as well as decorative techniques. She shares her years of experience and a joyful narrative while showing you a wide range of projects from a coiled box to the soft slab casserole dish. Includes page after page of inspiration from today's working artists.



Ceramics for Beginners

Ceramics for Beginners

PB2200 $24.95
Ceramics for Beginners
Updated with 4 new projects and penty of how-to images, this beginner's guide takes you through the process of creating human forms and self-supporting animal figures in clay using four basic techniques: pinching a simple bowl, rolling a slab, coiling, and making soft tubes. Build your skills with these 12 projects and be inspired by the gallery from other artists work.



The Extruder Book, 2nd ed.

Small image of The Extruder Book

PB2162 $32.97
The extruder is an efficient time-saver that frees up time for you to do more with your creativity. There's no other way to make the shapes the extruder makes as efficiently. A fresh extrusion can be likened to a blank canvas or a sheet of drawing paper: it challenges you to apply your creativity and make something special from it. Through hundreds of how-to photos and drawings as well as scores of images of finished work, you'll discover just how versatile and indispensible the extruder can be in your studio.



Ceramic Studio: Handbuilding

A workshop in a book, revealing the unlimited possibilities of handbuilding.With Shay Amber's simple and basic approach to handbuilding, you can learn how to make both sculptural and useful forms. She shares fundamental techniques and 12 projects on which to practice, including a coiled bottle, wall pocket, carved lantern, applique tile, and a square plate. Amber also introduces you to surface decoration and glaze treatments. In addition, you'll find inspiring gallery sections highlighting other artists' works.

PB2099 $19.95 Qty:


Extruder, Mold & Tile: Forming Techniques

A vast world of design and construction possibilities waits beyond the known realms of pinch, coil and wheel forming techniques. In this book you'll discover a wealth of information, techniques and inspration from the usual to the unusual, and from purely functional to imaginatively sculptural.

PB2050 $29.97 Qty:


From a Slab of Clay

Working with clay slabs offers more opportunities than any other forming process. From small dishes and plates to architectural installments, slabs can be used to create any form, any size. Join Daryl E. Baird to learn what it takes to start out on a journey that's sure to last a lifetime. From setting up a proper working space to selecting the right tools and equipment - including complete instructions for building your own slab roller - Daryl doesn't miss any details for you to consider to assure your success.

PB2133 $32.97 Qty:


Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed

Directions for fun pottery projects potters that don't require a potter's wheel. Use coil, slab, mold, and pinch techniques to make pots, bowls, vases, tiles, and other decorative pieces. Along with advice on basic tools, preparing clay, and using coloring agents, new clay workers may appreciate the tips for making projects easier. Step-by-step color photos with detailed captions guide handcrafters through each project from start to finish.

PB1959 $26.99 Qty:


Sculpting and Handbuilding

PB2146 $32.97
Handbuilding with clay offers unique opportunities to experiment, requires few tools, and allows intuition and imagination to come to the fore. Claire Loder explains the basic techniques, from coiling and pinching to working with slabs, with practical instructions and helpful accompanying images. She thoroughly covers equipment and clay bodies with generous studio advice. The book then looks at new methods of building by hand, including mixed media work, sculptural methods, and vessels and surface decoration, through the work of current makers working with handbuilding techniques.


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Mastering Kilns & Firing

Mastering Kilns & Firing

PB2205 $35.00
Lindsay Oesterritter moves beyond the electric kiln to Raku, Pit & Barrel, Wood Firing and more. She also shares those all-important health and safety concerns. This is an essential book for understanding and experimenting with the unique surfaces only available using combustible kilns and firing methods.



The Kiln Book

The Kiln Book

PB088 $32.97
4th ed. (softcover)
Even after 30 years, this book is still the definitive guide to building safe & ecomonical kilns to suit a variety of creative needs. This revised 4th edition offers updated information on alternative fuels as well as crossdraft, downdraft, updaraft, and multidirectional draft kilns. Clear color photographs, diagrams and building plans are enhanced with Frederick Olsen's expert guidance in all aspects of making and firing your own kiln.



Pit Firing Ceramics

Small image of Pit Firing Ceramics.

PB2160 $29.99
When digging for clues about an ancient society's culture, nothing is more valuable to an archaeologist than ceramic remnants. In Pit Firing Ceramics: Modern Methods, Ancient Traditions, Dawn Whitehand explains why. Her text is the first to comprehensively explore the complex nature of pit firing, based on historical evidence, and the artistic perspectives of contemporary ceramicists. The book contains detailed photographs of the process, and a glossary for those who wish to further explore pit firing and ceramics.



Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques

Alternative Kilns & Firing Techniques

Ceramicists searching for new ways to fire their creations now have a wealth of options. James Watkins and Paul Wandless, along with a group of distinguished artisans, demonstrate in detail how to build low-cost, low-tech, yet high-quality kilns. The plans range from an easy, affordable, and versatile Raku Kiln to a unique wood-fueled Downdraft Stovepipe Barrel one. These clever devices make it possible to produce rich surface effects from alternative reduction firing techniques.

PB1868 $14.95 Qty:


Electric Studio: Making & Firing

Electric Studio: Making & Firing

Over the last sixty years, electric kilns have become the most popular method for firing ceramics. They are readily available and easy to use for all skill levels which allows for consistent results with little effort. This book helps you choose the right kiln as well as troubleshoot for simple repairs. Also included are clay body and glaze information specifically developed for electric kilns.

PB2178 $32.97 Qty:


Low-Firing & Burnishing

From ancient cultures down through time to materials-2013 potters: this book covers techniques of firing and finishing at low temperatures without using glazes. You can use these alternative smoke, pit, saggar and raku techniques even on a low budget: the only real requirement is that you have outdoor space where you can work. This book is a practical step-by-step approach and beginner's guide, with illustrations and photographs for inspiration.

PB2096 $29.97 Qty:




Raku is more than just a technique: it's a way of thinking with an attitude of openness to the unexpected and a willingness to use accidental happenings in developing your work. Raku encourages curiosity and exploration, and there's no end to the variety and quality possible in this medium. John Mathieson provides a clear and concise overview of the raku process, covering all the essentials of clay types, post-firing reduction methods, and equipment, plus tips and techniques shared by 30 experts on topics spanning the entire raku process from conception to final reduction.

PB1803 $29.97 Qty:


Raku, Pit & Barrel Firing

Raku, Pit & Barrel Firing

Raku, pit and barrel firing are three of the most popular firing techniques in ceramics today. The unifying theme of all three accessible techniques lies in working directly with the fire to achieve both quick and unique results not available to more conventional firing techniques. You'll find extensive how-to techniques and step-by-step instructions to help you duplicate these three processes in your own studio, plus many photos of some of the most beautiful alternatively fired work.

PB2031 $29.97 Qty:


The Ultimate Wood-Fired Oven Book

PB2142 $29.99 Design & Construction • Use
Join Anna Carpenter as she shares memories of growing up in Italy, where great meals were enjoyed around the fire with family and friends. Wood-fired ovens are enormously popular today because of the unique taste only real wood fire can instill. This book equips you with information to successfully choose install and use your own woodfired oven. Great tips concerning different kinds of insulation, tools, cooking techniques, and recipes. Step by step guidelines and plans for building are included. Great photos will inspire you to design the perfect setting for your oven, suited to your needs and budget.


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Ceramic Jewellery (A Ceramics Handbook)

Although ceramic beads have been around for as long as pots have, the idea of ceramic jewelry has been making a comeback in a much more glamorous and professional form than ever before. This book shows how clay can be combined with other materials including silver, gold, leather, textiles or stones to create unique and innovative pieces. The book looks at how to source or create your own fittings and findings, the problems of design and the practicalities of joining the various elements to create successful pieces of jewelry.

PB2189 $29.97 Qty:

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Glazing Techniques

Glazing Techniques is part of a Ceramic Arts Handbook Series. Inside you will discover how some talented artists approach glazing techniques using a variety of techniques, materials, and firing ranges to achieve stunning surfaces that will inspire your work. Lots of images to go along with the step-by-step processes for each project.

PB2165 $32.97 Qty:


Amazing Glaze

Amazing Glaze

PB2207 $30.00
Join Gabriel Kline on a journey that makes glazing less intimidating and more fun using sure-fire recipes and inspiring work from top ceramic artists. Begin in the "glaze kitchen" then move onto the core of getting the glaze right every time. Learn about layering, working with resists, and combining techniques. This amazing book is highly recommended by artists and professionals.



Low-Fire Glazes and Special Projects

Low Fire Glazes

PB2180 $32.97
So many talented artists have pushed the boundries of low-fire glazing. The recipes and projects in this book are the result of testing for the perfect flux and developing ways to layer glazes to produce depth and complex surfaces that enhance your work. This book offers a wide variety of glaze recipes and projects.



Ceramics Monthly's Guide to Materials & Glazes

Ceramics Monthly Guide to Materials & Glazes

PB2174 $49.97 ~special order only~
This reference includes several years of technical information derived from the Ceramics Monthly magazine. Here you will find help in your own studio with assessing recipes, testing and experimenting in all temperature ranges and troubleshooting glaze defects.



High-Fire Glazes (Ceramic Arts Handbook Series)

High-Fire Glazes

PB2176 $32.97
This book contains high-fire receipes to be used in gas, electric, or wood fire that have been tried and tested over a long period by many professionals. Having that background enables you to use these recipes with confidence that you will be successful and excited by your results. This book has stunning examples of what surface decoration can achieve so you can apply these effects to your artwork.



Glaze: The Ultimate Ceramic Artists Guide to Glaze & Color

Small image of PB2158 Glaze

PB2158 $34.99
Anyone who loves creating ceramics knows that glazing can be a labor of great love or the bane of the entire ceramic process. In Glaze, potters of all levels will find a wealth of guidance as one hundred of today's leading ceramicists share the methodology, specify the recipe, and recount the creative intentions behind their most stunning works of art -- each selected specifically for its unique use of glaze.



The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes

Small image of PB2157 The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes

PB2157 $29.95
This fully illustrated reference takes the guesswork out of mid-range glazes, which fire at cones 4-7. It will help ceramists of all skill levels gain a better understanding of glazes and the factors behind them. By comparing and contrasting recipes within a type and learning the way glazes work, you'll see how potters create variations within a type. This will enable you to create an infinite number of your own recipes, including application and firing processes. This book includes hundreds of inspirational photos of finished work by contemporary ceramic artists.



Colour in Glazes

Color in Glazes

A complete guide to achieving a fantastic spectrum of colorful glazes for the studio potter. Colour in Glazes looks at the full range of materials and optioins for creating new colors in glazes. Packed full of glaze recipes, the book is illustrated with a wealth of finished work as well as an extensive collection of sample test tiles to show the variety of colors possible. Types of base glazes and the fluxes used to make them are discussed in relation to color response.

PB2128 $32.97 Qty:


The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes

The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes

With hundreds of recipes and a thorough examination of glaze materials, chemistryy and tools, this reference will prove a boon to ceramists who want to master this complex and versatile aspect of their art. A wealth of information on various types of glazes, including copper, iron, shino, salt/soda, crystalline, and more. An exhaustive index of subjects and a separate index of glaze recipes will help you find what you need, quickly and easily.

PB1892 $17.95 Qty:


Developing Glazes

Developing your own glazes can be tricky and success is dependent on many factors. In this book, ceramicist Greg Daly aims to demystify the process with practical advice and complete, step-by-step instructions for testing glazes and experimenting with ingredients. This hands-on technical guidance is supported with helpful how-to images, and variations on hundreds of recipes to get you started. This book is simply an essential reference!

PB2140 $32.97 Qty:


Glazes & Glazing: Finishing Techniques

We all remember our first experiences with glazing, and how our hopes usually exceeded our skills and knowledge of the topic. This book covers many aspects of glazing, with artist discussions abut their methods and recipes. You'll find information on glaze formulation, application methods like dipping, pouring or spraying, firing variations, materials characteristics, testing, and over 100 recipes.

PB2069 $29.97 Qty:


Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials & Recipes

Cone 5-6 Glazes: Materials & Recipes

PB2190 $32.97
Here is an easy way to create your own glazes by understanding and testing what's already been tried. This glaze book pulls together more than 180 glaze recipes and hundreds of variations from 30 different artists in one book. Plus, expert information on glaze materials such as frits, feldspars, oxides and stains, as well as testing protocols and tips on glaze application. Utilizing the expertise of so many aspects of cone 5-6 glazes will provide you with a information unmatched with any other source.



Natural Glazes: Collecting and Making

Natural Glazes: Collecting & Making

PB2150 $29.95
Making your own glazes is a fascinating and rewarding process, even more so when you use ingredients you've collected yourself. With a little equipment and by following a few basic principles, it's possible to harvest glaze ingredients like clay, subsoil, plants and seashells from your local environment. The book includes step-by-step instructions for prepaing materials, mixing glazes, testing samples, applying glazes and firing your work. Contributions from contemporary ceramicists who use natural glaze ingredients give detailed insight into their working methods and intriguing results.


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The Magic of Clay

The Magic of Clay

PB1950 $18.95
The MAGIC OF CLAY is a colorful book that teaches the basics of working with clay. It is written for all age groups, but recommended for middle and high school students.



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Molds & Templates

Molds and Templates

23 projects demonstrating techniques for building and using molds and templates in your studio. Insruction on how to cast plaster molds, build wood and foam molds, learn to design craft foam and tar-paper templates, plus so much more! Inspiration is included from clay artists who have used molds and templates in their work for years.

PB2197 $19.97 - special order - Qty:



Small image of Slipcasting

Best known as one of the most widely used industrial ceramic techniques, slipcasting has become increasingly attractive to individual artists and craftspersons.Sasha Wardell's Slipcasting is a straightforward, practical guide for those interested in the boundless possibilities of the technique. The book contains more than one hundred color illustrations, diagrams, and slip formulas. An inspiring "Individual Approaches" chapter discusses the slipcast work of a variety of contemporary ceramicists from around the world.

PB2168 $29.95 Qty:


The Essential Guide to Moldmaking & SlipCasting

Moldmaking is an invaluable skill for potters to create identical multiples of their work. This new edition of Andrew Martin's classic offers a thorough introduction addresses materials and tools, and presents Martin's simple, unique template method for making clay prototypes. The book overflows with hundreds of photos, key techniques, projects, master artist profiles, and troubleshooting tips. An extensive overview covers slip formulation, while offering highly desired slip recipes for low-, mid-, and high-fire clay bodies. This should be the standard reference in every ceramist's library.

PB1853 $24.95 Qty:

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Ceramic Sculpture: Making Faces

small image of PB2156 Ceramic Sculpture: Making Faces

PB2156 $24.95
The human face in sculpture can be expressive and revealing, or guarded and mysterious. Ceramic artists often use small facial details to convey the feelings of their subjects. In this illustrated guide, ceramist and author Alex Irvine shows ceramic sculptors how to interpret facial expressions and effectively depict them in their work.



Sculpture Techniques (Ceramic Arts Handbook Series)

Sculpture Techniques

PB2175 $32.97
More than 30 artists share their designs and inspirations with helpful step-by-step photos throughout this book. The handbuilding techniques will expand your skills with new ways to create figurative and abstract sculptures. You will also see how the artists use alternate materials to provide strength and unusual effects that you can incorporate into your own designs.



Ceramic Sculpture: Inspiring Techniques

Clay provides more possibilities for sculpture than any other medium. Between these covers more than 20 artists demonstrate some of the infinite possibilities of clay for manifesting ideas into physical reality. Whether their sculptures are figurative or abstract, large or small, electric or wood-fired, and cast, thrown, coiled or sprayed, the variety is awe-inspiring. From primitive casting and pit-firing techniques to rapid prototype, ceramic artists are not timid about exploring technologies both old and new to express themselves.

PB2080 $19.97 Qty:


Modeling & Sculpting the Human Figure

The republication of this highly valuable text by Edouard Lanteri, reknowned teacher, sculptor, and intimate friend of Rodin, shows the serious artist how to bridge the gap between artistic concept and figurative realization. This book is a goldmine of technical information beginning with a detailed study of modeling a head with descriptions of the anatomical features. The second part goes on to sculpting a bust from a live model with advice and directions for working with placement of the model, handling the clay, measurements, and creating realistic hair. In section three, sculpting in relief with drapery and medals. Amazing photographs, drawings and diagrams throughout this comprehensive resource for all sculptors.

PB255 $17.95 Qty:


The Materials and Methods of Sculpture

Jack C. Rich, a noted sculptor himself, remedied that need with this clear, comprehensive and precise guide to every aspect of sculpting in wax, plaster, metal, stone, wood and other materials. Mr. Rich presents a comprehensive treatment of the origins, nature, properties and characteristics of various sculpting materials and the methods employed in their use. This volume is a republication of the 9th printing of the work originally published in 1947.

PB2092 $16.95 Qty:


Modeling the Figure in Clay

Master sculptor Bruno Lucchesi invites you on a guided tour of the human form. Follow him as he creates a figure in clay literally from the inside out, starting with the skeleton, laying on the muscles to show male and female anatomy, and finishing with a complete figure sculpture with every detail of face and hair carefully modeled.

PB101 $21.95 Qty:


Modeling the Head in Clay

Renowned materials-2013 sculptor Bruno Lucchesi takes a single life-size head through all the stages of roughing in, modeling, refining the surface, and finishing and texturing. This enables the reader to see exactly how he positions and models every detail. The book demonstrates not just the highlights of the creative process, but every step from beginning to end.

PB102 $22.99 Qty:

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Carve Your Clay

The Potter's Bible

Hilda Carr covers a wide range of decorative carving techniques from incising, combing, inlaying to sgraffito, faceting and fettling. 16 projects created in her signature style using step-by-step photography and easy to follow instructions. Simple guides show how to create form plus glaze and firing information suitable for all skill levels.

PB2214 $26.99 Qty:


Image & Design Transfer Techniques

This book covers over thirty techniques that can be applied onto greenware, bisqueware and glazed ware. Paul Andrew Wandless is an expert printmaker and he utilizes those skills to create and transfer images onto clay surfaces using applique and paper transfers, embossing, stamping, stencils, silkscreening, etching, decals and a so much more. There are many wonderful artists whose works are highlighted and show how they use these techniques to create their art.

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Floral Designs & Motifs

Small image of Floral Designs

Floral images are some of the most beloved in the decorative arts. This book has a wide range of plants and flowers with their common names plus some well known alternative names.The majority of images are cultivated garden favorites that span each season from the early spring Crocus to the autumnal Chrysanthemum. Even some of the less desirable species known as "weeds" are shown as quite beautiful and deserve recognition as such. These designs may be reproduced up to 10 images may be used in any single project or publication.

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The Artistic Anantomy of Trees

Small image of The Artistic Anantomy of Trees

For years greatly admired and widely used, this excellent text by one of Britain's foremost art instructors has achieved the status of a classic in its field. The author, also a noted landscape painter, offers complete and accurate instruction in painting and drawing trees to all serious artists beginner or advanced, amateur or professional. Its extremely comprehensive and detailed coverage has earned this volume a permanent place in the libraries of landscape painters, students, and teachers.

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261 North American Indian Designs

Treasury of clearly drawn illustrations based on authentic design motifs created by the Sioux, Blackfoot, Apache, Cheyenne, Navajo, Hopi, Seminole, and other tribes. Adapted from textile patterns, wood carvings, ceramics, and other traditional craft forms, the royalty-free designs include abstract and floral motifs as well as human, animal, and mythical figures.

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Art Anatomy of Animals

Small image of Art Anatomy of Animals

The naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton was an accomplished illustrator as well as book writer. Chapters cover a number of domesticated and wild species: the anatomy, size, and proportion of the lion, tiger, leopard, and other members of the cat family; bears as well as the camel, Indian elephant, and the caribou. Additional sections consider the horse in motion, the gallop of a dog, and bird feathering. A valuable reference for students and teachers alike.

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Celtic Art

Small image of Celtic Art

Step-by-step procedures carefully introduce the simple rules and methods of Celtic knot work and the well-known designs from the great manuscripts and stone work. Later chapters build up to complex knot work, spiral work, and key pattern designs, with special coverage of alphabets and the stylized use of animals, humans, and plants. Over 225 different patterns with 110 historical and modern artifact designs, six complete alphabets and 25 decorative initials, plus animal and human figures used in the original Celtic works.

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Big Book of Animal Illustrations

Small image of Big Book of Animal Illustrations

Selected and arranged by Maggie Kate, this books offers accurate representations of a wide range of animals. These are copyright free designs are arranged neatly within 16 categories such as North American Small Animals, Prehistoric Mammals, Horses of the World, Snakes, Insects and several more. Great for artists, illustrators, students and anyone interested in the wonderful world of creatures big and small.

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Animals: Mammals, Birds, Fish & Insects

Selected for its visual impact and ease of use, this outstanding collection of wood engravings presents over 1,000 species of animals in extremely lifelike poses. Includes many different versions of familiar mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and other invertebrates such as spiders, crabs, squid, earthworms, and more. Captions provide modern common-name identifications.

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Art Forms in Nature

Multitude of strangely beautiful natural forms: Radiolaria, Foraminifera, Ciliata, diatoms, calcareous sponges, Siphonophora, star corals, starfishes, Protozoa, flagellates, brown seaweed, jellyfishes, sea-lilies, moss animals, sea-urchins, glass sponges, leptomedusae, horny corals, trunkfishes, true sea slugs, anthomedusae horseshoe crabs, sea-cucumbers, octopuses, bats, orchids, sea wasps, seahorse, a dragonfish, a frogfish, much more. All images black-and-white, but ready for your designs.

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Art Nouveau Floral Patterns & Stencil Designs

Magnificent collection of floral patterns and stencil designs created by one of the movement's finest artists, with 120 images of graceful garden flowers; foxglove, hollyhocks, columbine, lilies, among others, and 39 stencil designs of blossoming trees, reeds, mushrooms, oak leaves, peacocks, and more. Classic, copyright-free motifs will add elegance to your work.

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African Designs

Geoffrey Williams brings you an amazing book with a wide range of African designs useful for advertising, labels, patterns for textiles and wallpaper and other projects needing art work. Black and white images may be reproduced or altered to suit your needs. Images include human and animal figures; symbolic, abstract and geometric motifs; textural patterns as well as masks represented from several tribes within the 256 pages of this paperback book.

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Traditional African Designs

Over 200 authentic designs from Dahomey, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya, Ghana, and other African nations depict such unusual configurations as stylized lions, birds, fish, alligators, totemic figures, abstracts, geometrics and zigzags. Adapted from shields, masks, jewelry, textiles and other sources for copyright-free use.

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Traditional Japanese Design Motifs

Over 264 readily usable, royalty-free, authentic Japanese designs from ceramics, textiles, lacquerwork, screens, fans, woodblock prints and more. Includes plates grouped into seven categories: Plants & Flowers, Animal Life, Human Figures, Symbolic Objects, Geometric Patterns, Water & Wave forms, plus Ceramic Objects. Each category has a wide range of stunning variations on the major motifs.

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Japanese Emblems & Designs

Japenese design has been admired by many for their ingenuity, detailed patterns and amazing invention. Almost 800 copyright-free mon (emblems or crests) combine natural and geometric forms for striking effects. Ideal for jewelry, design, mosaics and more. The great artist Hokusai has several designs included from an extremely rare 1824 publication. Jack Hillier is a well known authority on Japanese art who provides his perspective on this beautiful design book.

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Ceramic Transfer Printing

Did you ever wonder how artists were able to get photos, text and detailed patterns onto their glazed surfaces? This type of decoration is called 'transfer printing'. This book provides a close look at how you can create your own intricate patterns and images and apply them to your work. In addition to descriptions of several transfer techniques, you can also see how many other artists are using printing techniques with ceramics.

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Surface Design for Ceramics

Surface design is an essential part of making your work the best it can be. This comprehensive, invaluable studio reference covers all the most popular techniques for embellishing clay with a wealth of information and detailed images. From faceting, carving, and burnishing to terra sigillata and slip work through firing and all the way up to decals, lusters and raku: you can dip into the book at any point depending on your interests and needs of the moment.

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Tile Artists Motif Bible

A comprehensive resource for do-it-yourself designers presents more than two hundred beautiful and diverse designs that can be applied to both commercial and handmade tiles to create personalized effects, in a volume that includes tips on degree of difficulty and application techniques, easy-to-follow instructions, and more than four hundred full-color photographs.

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Forrest Lesch-Middleton shares everything he has learned as the founder and owner of a custom ceramic tile business. Either to make your own or to use custom-made tile in your home, this book covers it all; making tile, decorating, designing your space, installation plus galleries and interviews with top working artists.

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Plaster of Paris: Techniques from Scratch

This small 43 page booklet is full of excellent information about the water to plaster ratio, different types of molds to use, various techniques on using templates, tools, materials, plus so much more! If you want to use plaster, this is a great little book to give you the information you need to get started right away.

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