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NorthStar Extruder


NorthStar's Big Blue Extruder (NS970)

NorthStar's Big Blue Extruder looks and works like no other. It is designed to be simple and safe to use, yet powerful. This extruder features a 6" x 6" x 12" barrel that holds a full 25-pound pug of clay. It can produce extrusions up tp 4" x 4", without an expansion box or additional hardware.

  • There are no heavy bars or levers to injure head or feet, and no hydraulic pumps or air compressors with their inherent hazards. Instead, it's entirely hand-driven. Turning the large handle drives a compound rack-&-pinion gear box which dramatically reduces the force needed to make extrusions. You need no more than 30 pounds of force to produce most extrusions!
  • Solid construction is worry-free, and there's almost no maintenance required.
  • The barrel is heavy-wall aircraft-quality aluminum alloy. Only UHMW (the material of the dies), aluminum and stainless steel come into contact with the clay. The housing is made of powder-coated steel and stainless steel. All gears and the gearbox are solid steel, either stainless or plated.
  • Die adapter is available to use NorthStar's standard 4" dies.
  • The Big Blue includes the NS992 Large Hollow Die set, one blank die, and the NS983 Stainless Steel Center Brace (needed for all hollow dies).
NS970 $1526.99 Qty:


Big Blue & Expansion Box Dies

Dies on this page fit NorthStar's Big Blue extruder and Expansion Box.
Click here for dies that fit the 4" Standard and Stainless 6" extruders.

All dies for the Big Blue and Expansion Box are made of machined " UHMW polyethylene. In general, the walls of extrusions with less than 3" outside diameter are " thick. Larger extrusions are 5/16" thick.

NS980 $105.99
Blank Die Set
Set of three: fully machined exterior with sidewall groove and center detente for making your own solid-shape dies.


NS981 $124.99
Solid Coil Die Set 3
Large (1" outer diameter),
Medium (1-1/4" outer diameter),
Small (3/4" outer diameter).


NS982 $54.99
Universal Die Adapter
Use NorthStar 4" dies in the Big Blue with this adapter. All standard NorthStar dies with rounded corners (made since March 1997) will work. Four inch dies from other companies will not work in this adapter without modification of the dies.


NS997 $124.99
Tile Accessory Die Set
Inside Corner 2" Outside Corner 2" Edge Trim 2"

NS9825 $59.99
6" Tile Setter Die
Extrude with a groggy high-fire clay, cut into sections, and fire for instant tile or plate setters.


NS9826 $59.99
Large Footed Tray Die (5")
Extrusions are 5" wide. Easily deform them by hand or with tools into many useful shapes, or use them just how they come out of the machine.


NS9827 $59.99
Solid Tile Die (6")
Solid single die with very wide adhesive grooves. Often used for tiles that will be mounted vertically.


NS9829 $59.99
Solid Tile Press Slug Die (6")
Made especially to create clay blanks for use in the 4" tile die for the NorthStar Tile Press.


NS9830 $59.99
Bread Tray Die (6")
This die can make bread trays or more complex structures by joining trays together at the sides or in other configurations. Experiment!


NS983 $59.99
Center Die Brace
Required for all hollow dies

Center Brace NS983 required for the following hollow dies.

NS990 $12.99
Small Basic Die Set
Three shapes
with a 2"
outside diameter

NS991 $124.99
Medium Basic Die Set
Three shapes
with a 3-1/2"
outside diameter

NS992 $124.99
Large Basic Die Set
Three shapes
with a 4-1/2"
outside diameter

NS993 $124.99
Test Tile Die Set
Set of 3: Large (4" high by 1" wide), Medium (3" high by 1" wide),
Small (2" high by 1" wide).

NS994 $124.99
Tray Tile Die Set
Set of 3: Large (4" high by 1" wide), Medium (3" high by 1" wide),
Small (2" high by 1" wide).

NS995 $124.99
Half-Round Die Set
Set of 3: Large (4" outer diameter), Medium (3" outer diameter), Small (2" outer diameter).

NS996 $124.99
Oval Die Set
Set of 3: Large (5" high by 2" wide), Medium (4" high by 2" wide), Small (3" high by 1" wide).

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