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Wire Whips & Drill Mixers


Hanson Mixers

For many years we carried Jiffy Mixers as an industry standard. We've switched over to Hanson mixers because we like the radical toothed design that works fast and with a minimum of trapped air. The cleat-like teeth do a great job of digging, chewing up and mixing the solid materials that settle to the bottom of slip buckets, glaze jars, and other containers.

Side-by-side comparison of the heads of Hanson mixers. For perspective, they stand on the lid of a 5-gallon bucket.

When it comes to chewing up settled solid material, those teeth on the bottom mean business!

  Head Width Shaft Length Price  
HM001 1-1/4" width 8-7/8" long $11.50
HM002 2-1/4" width 13" long $18.25
HM003 3-3/16" width 17" long $26.75
HM003L 3-3/16" w 22" long $28.75
HM006 5-7/8" w 23-1/2" long $64.00



Glaze Whips



PL8 $1.99
8" Wire Whip w/ Wire Handle


PL12 $2.99
12" Wire Whip w/ Wire Handle


PL20 $20.00
20" Wire Whip w/ Wood Handle


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