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Cone 6 Stoneware Bisque


BRING THE ADVENTURE OF CONE 6 glazing and firing to your kiln with Mayco's new cone 6 stoneware bisque. The sample pieces shown above were glazed with Mayco cone 6 glazes. You can also use cone 6 glazes from Georgies, Coyote, Laguna, Duncan, Amaco or Spectrum on those pieces.

  • Made in the USA by Originals Pottery.
  • You should anticipate ABOUT 10% SHRINKAGE in glaze firing to cone 6.
  • Dry foot your work for cone 6 glaze firing. "Dry Footing" means do not apply glazes to the bottom 1/4" of each piece, or to the bottom of the piece. This is to prevent attachment to kiln shelves in event of glaze runs or drips.
  • DO NOT USE STILTS in cone 6 firing.
  • DO NOT FIRE LOWFIRE CLAYS or SLIPS in the same glaze firing with cone 6 stoneware. Lowfire clays will melt at cone 6 temperatures, which means you'll need expensive repairs to your kiln.
  • ALWAYS DOUBLE-CHECK THE GLAZE LABELS to make sure you're using the right glaze for the glaze-firing temperature you want.
  • You can use cone 6 stoneware and cone 06 lowfire glazes in the same glaze firing to cone 6. You should expect some color changes for the cone 06 lowfire glazes. Lighter colors like pink and yellow may burn out completely, while darker colors will tend to be even darker than you expected.
  • You cannot use cone 6 stoneware glazes in a cone 06 lowfire glaze firing. The heat at cone 06 is not sufficient to melt and mature the cone 6 glazes.
Small image of SB100 Plain Stoneware Mug

SB100 $10.50 ea
16oz Plain Mug(5"w x 5"h)

Small image of SB101 Pie Plate

SB101 $12.00 ea
Pie Plate(9"w x about 2" deep)

Small image of SB102 Casserole Dish

SB102 $12.50 ea
Casserole Dish(9" square x about 2" deep)

Small image of SB103 Wavy Mug

SB103 $9.50 ea
Wavy Mug(5"w x 4"h)

Small image of SB104 Plain stoneware rimmed plate

SB104 $10.00 ea
Plate(8" wide)

Small image of SB105 Plain stoneware large rimmed plate

SB105 $11.50 ea
Large Plate(11" wide)

Small image of SB106 Plain stoneware rimmed bowl

SB106 $10.00 ea
Bowl(7" wide)

Small image of SB107 Plain stoneware pizza Stone

SB107 $13.00 ea
Pizza Stone(14" wide)

Small image of SB108 Coffee Cup

SB108 $9.50 ea
Contemporary Mug(5"w x 4"h)

Small image of SB109 Lisa Mug

SB109 $9.50 ea
Lisa Mug(4"w x 5"h)

Small image of SB110 Dessert Bowl

SB110 $8.80 ea
Dessert Bowl(5"w x 2"h)

Small image of SB111 Bowl with Handle

SB111 $10.50 ea
Bowl w/Handle(8"w x 4"h x 6"d)

Small image of stoneware bisque au gratin dish

SB115 $10.50 ea
Au Gratin Dish(9"l x 5"w x 1"h)

Small image of stoneware flared mug

SB116 $9.50 ea
Flared Mug(5"h x 5"w)

Small image of stoneware oval platter

SB118 $11.50 ea
Oval Platter(12"l x 8"w)

Small image of stoneware serving bowl

SB119 $12.00 ea
Serving Bowl(9"w x 3" deep)

Small image of stoneware latte cup

SB120 $10.00 ea
Latte Cup(6"h x 5"w)

Small image of Mayco SB122 Stoneware Soup Bowl with Handles

SB122 $11.00 ea
Soup Bowl w/Handles
(3"h x 7.75"w, 6 per case)

Small image of Mayco SB123 Stoneware Large Nesting Bowl

SB123 $15.00 ea
Large Nesting Bowl
(6.5"h x 8.5"w, 3 per case)

Small image of Mayco SB124 Stoneware Medium Nesting Bowl

SB124 $13.50 ea
Medium Nesting Bowl
(5.75"h x 7.5"w, 4 per case)

Small image of Mayco SB125 Stoneware Small Nesting Bowl

SB125 $11.50 ea
Small Nesting Bowl (6.5"w x 5"h, 6 per case)


SB126 $8.50 ea
Ramekin - 6oz (4 x 2, 6 per case)

SB127 Stoneware Teapot

SB127 $14.00 ea

SB128 Tumbler

SB128 $10.50 ea
Tumbler (3.75" w x 6" h)

SB129 Modern Dinner Plate

SB129 $12.00 ea
Modern Dinner Plate (11 " wide)

SB130 Modern Salad Plate

SB130 $10.50 ea
Modern Salad Plate(8.375 " wide)

SB131 Modern Bowl

SB131 $10.50 ea
Modern Bowl(7" w x 3" h)

SB134 Hippy Mug

SB134 $10.00 ea
Hippy Mug(5.5" w x 3.5" h)

SB135 Carmen Mug

SB135 $10.00 ea
Carmen Mug(5.5" w x 3.5" h)

SB137 Honeycomb Mug

SB137 $10.50 ea
Honeycomb Mug(6" w x 4.5" h)

SB141 Wide Rim Soup Bowl

SB141 $12.00 ea
Wide Rim Soup Bowl(9.5" w x 2" h)

SB144 Casserole Dish

SB144 $20.00 ea
Casserole Dish(13" w x 9" l x 2" h)

SB145 Pint Jug with Cork

SB145 $12.50 ea
Pint Jug with Cork(5" w x 8" h)

SB16 Pet Bowl

SB146 $15.00 ea
Pet Bowl(7.5" w x 2.5" h)


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