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Mayco Stoneware Washes
Concentrated pigments for firing at Cone 06 up to Cone 10

Mayco Washes are metallic pigments mixed with water, prepared as concentrates. Washes can be fired from cone 06 to cone 10; they can be applied to greenware or bisque, fired in oxidation or reduction and applied above or beneath other glazes. Because these washes are concentrated, Mayco recommends adding water to reach the consistency you prefer for application.

You may need to experiment to determine that consistency. Mix only the amount you plan to use in one session. Your choice of clay body, thickness of glaze application, firing process and firing temperature will all affect the fired results.

Mayco's Stoneware Washes are nontoxic and foodsafe. Textural surfaces created in combinations with other glazes, however, may not be suitable for use with food or beverages. Available in 4 oz containers.

Mayco Color Guide

MC482E Free with any purchase!
Mayco Stoneware Guide
color catalog covers Classic Stoneware, Matte, Texture, Crystal, Wash, and Flux glazes.



Mayco Washes

Mayco SW301 Iron Stoneware Wash cone 06-10 pigment

SW301 $5.75
Iron Wash

Mayco SW302 Rutile Wash for cone 06 to 10 firing

SW302 $4.95
Rutile Wash

Mayco SW303 Manganese Wash for cone 06 to 10 firing

SW303 $4.95
Manganese Wash

Mayco SW304 Copper Wash for cone 06 to 10 firing

SW304 $5.75
Copper Wash

Mayco SW305 Cobalt Wash for cone 06 to 10 firing

SW305 $4.95
Cobalt Wash


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