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Pug Mills

Peter Pugger Power Wedger

Peter Pugger’s VPM-9 is the flagship of all studio Vacuum Deairing Mixing Pugmills. Any clay that has not been fired can be reclaimed in the VPM-9. With the fastest mixing times in the industry, broken green ware, slop, powder and water can be thrown into the pugmill and reclaimed in minutes. With the latest advancements in mixing, deairing and extruding technology, the VPM-9 outshines the competition.
• 25# batch capacity
• 3" diameter pug
• Pugging rate is 500# per hour
• Mixing rate is 150# per hour
• Hopper door is 5.25" x 5.25"
• Motor is 3/4 HP, 1 Phase, 8 Amps at 120V or 6 Amps at 240V
• Dimension 14"h x 14"w x 36"l
• Vacuum Pump 1/16 HP, 2 Amps at 240V or 3 Amps at 120V
• Does not include freight from Peter Pugger

VPM9 • $4099.00 Qty:

Peter Pugger PM-100 Pug Mill

“The Pugger-Mixer is a mixer that unloads itself and a pugmill that feeds itself.” It recycles scrap as well as mixes from dry powder. Complete processing of your clay in one machine saves you space, money, and best of all, your time. Since its inception in 1975, the Pugger-Mixer line has continued to be the “standard” as it relates to the Ceramic Industry. Recent improvements including a “chain-less”, maintenance free gear drive system, updated hopper door design, ergonomically placed push button controls and state-of-the-art VFD Technology reconfirms our commitment to providing premium quality and performance equipment.
• 250# batch mixing capacity (may depend on material density and moisture content)
• 4" diameter pug
• Pugging rate is 2000# per hour
• Mixing rate is 600# per hour
• Hopper Door is 11" x 11"
• Motor is 4 HP, 1 Phase 24 Amps, 3-Ph 21.5 Amps at 240V
• Dimension 14"H x 14"W x 36"L
• Vacuum Pump 1/16 HP, 2 Amps at 240V or 3 Amps at 120V
• Does not include crated weight of 750# from Peter Pugger (ships LTL Trucking)

PM100 • $7399.00 Qty:

Nidek/Shimpo Pug Mill

The PM-071 pugmill's flexible design is available with or without an attachable vacuum unit, enables the school or professional to upgrade equipment, as needs change. Easy maintenance with disassembly bolt system for easy removal of barrel top, allowing for thorough cleaning of interior. Triple Safety system using an ignition key to prevent unauthorized use, limit switch stops auger when exposed, prominent emergency stop button.
• Pugging & Mixing rate is 800# per hour
• 3" diameter pug
• Hopper door is 4.75" x 4.75"
• Motor is 1HP, 750W, 115Vac 60Hz
• Dimension 38 "h x 12"w x 15 "l
• Optional Vacuum attachment (sold separately) is 1/3 HP, compact and easy to attach.
• 1 year warranty

PM071 • $2907.00 Qty:


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