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Plaster, Tools & Gauze Rolls


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Plaster is one of the most flexible, versatile art materials made. Molds, sculpture, hobby crafts, medical and dental uses: plaster serves all these needs and more. We can help you determine which plaster is right for your intended application. All plaster is packaged in standard 50-pound bags. Other types of plaster and gypsum stone are available with minimum orders of 4,000 lbs.


Pottery #1
Formulated to provide stronger, more durable molds than regular pottery plaster. The standard of the moldmaking industry. SEE MIXING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

Mix Ratio: 7:10
Expansion 0.21%
Crush PSI 2400
Set Time 27-37 min


Molding Plaster
Great for plaster bats. A good utility plaster when expansion, hardness and strength are not of great importance.

Mix Ratio: 7:10
Expansion 0.20%
Crush PSI 1700-2500
Set Time 14-24 min

Casting Plaster
Great for casting plaques and figurines. This general use industrial plaster is formulated for greater strength and chip resistance than regular plaster. Working properties and set time similar to Hydrocal White. SEE MIXING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

Mix Ratio: 7:10
Expansion 0.20%
Crush PSI 1700-2500
Set Time 14-24 min


Dental Lab Plaster
A general dental application plaster with a set time between 5 and 15 minutes.

Mix Ratio: 7:10
Expansion 0.20%
Crush PSI 2000
Set Time 5-15 min


Hydrocal White Plaster
Our most general use plaster cement, it can be carved or added to, possesses excellent plasticity for workability, and a gradual setting time. Also has higher expansion properties.

Mix Ratio: 4-5:10
Expansion 0.42%
Crush PSI 6000
Set Time 20-30 min


Ceramical Gypsum Plaster
Designed for use in pressing clayware. Exceptional strength with consisten absorption. Store indoors. Shelf life 90 days.

Mix Ratio: 3.3:10
Expansion 0.13%
Crush PSI 6000
Set Time 18-23 min


Hydrostone Plaster
Hydrostone is an extremely hard and strong plaster. Its very low viscosity allows for excellent detail reproduction. Primarily used for high-quality art, novelty and statuary castings. Available in a non-yellowing formulation. Moderate expansion properties.

Mix Ratio: 2.2-10
Expansion 0.20%
Crush PSI 13,000
Set Time 15-25 min


Hydrocal 105 Plaster
This yellow dental stone is very similar to Hydrocal White, but tinted for dental work.

Mix Ratio: 4-5:10
Expansion 0.42%
Crush PSI 6,000
Set Time 20-30 min


Ultracal 30 Plaster
Designed for pattern making. High compressive strength and surface hardness. Extremely low expansion. It has a gradual set time with a long period of plasticity. Good for slash casting molds.

Mix Ratio: 38:100
Expansion 0.06-0.08
Crush PSI 6,500
Set Time 18-30 min


Plaster Mixing Instructions

For USG1, USG2, USG3, USG4, and USG5:

Mix should be 1 part water to parts plaster (or 35 lbs water to 50 lbs plaster)
Slowly add plaster in water.
Allow to soak for 2 minutes.
Mix 2 minutes to heavy creme density.


For USG7:

Mix should be 16.5 pounds water to 50 pounds USG7.
Sift plaster slowly and evenly into water
Allow to soak for 2-5 minutes (less time for smaller batches).
Mix 10 minutes with high-speed mixer. Pour within 2 minutes of mixing.


For USG6 & USG12:

Mix should be 10 quarts water to 50 pounds USG6 or USG12..
Dump plaster in water.
Allow to soak for 2 minutes.
Mix 2 minutes to heavy creme density.


For USG11:

Mix should be 5.5 pounds water to 50 pounds USG11.
Slowly add plaster in water.
Allow to soak for 2 minutes.
Mix 2 minutes to heavy creme density. Longer mixing = stronger mold & shorter set


For USG13:

Mix should be 16.5lb - 18 lb water to 50 pounds ultracal.
Dump plaster in water.
Shift and allow to soak for 2 minutes.
Mix 1-2 minutes to heavy creme density. Longer mixing = stronger mold & faster set.



Steel Plaster Tools

PT63 + detail

Hand-crafted from the finest carbon steel and engineered to be extremely flexible, our multi-purpose steel spatula, No. 63, is the ideal modeling tool for working with clay and wax. Dual ends perfectly complement each other. One is rounded for smoothing your sculpting material, while the opposite end is pointed and serrated for cutting and texturing. 8 1/4" long and made in the USA.

PT63 - $30.00 Qty:


PT64 + detail

This super flexible high carbon steel modeling tool has been designed to work in clay, wax and plaster. This versatile sculpting tool can be used cold or heated by using an alcohol lamp. Two distinctly different ends include the flexible spatula for smoothing your modeling material and a serrated spear-shaped end for cutting and texturing. 9 1/4" long and made in the USA.

PT64 - $30.00 Qty:


PT71 + detail

The Large Steel Spatula is not only made of the finest carbon steel, but is also super flexible and especially easy to work with. Perfect for manipulating modeling clay and wax, this spatula is rounded at both ends for smoothing your modeling materials with ease. 10" long and made in the USA.

PT71 - $30.00 Qty:


PT73 + detail

This dual-ended spatula tool is designed with convenience and your productivity in mind. Uniquely crafted with one rounded end and one squared off gives this modeling tool a broad range of modeling uses. This Spatula is made of extremely flexible carbon steel, which makes this spatula perfect for working with clay and wax. 7" long and made in Italy

PT73 - $32.00 Qty:


PT90A + detail

Industrial in style and design, the sharp, hooked steel end of this modeling tool is serrated and ground sharp, making it ideal for cutting, scraping, and reducing quickly. Its thick wooden handle fits comfortably in your hand, adding no unnecessary strain to your hands and fingers while sculpting. 10 1/2" long and made in the USA

PT90A - $26.00 Qty:


Plaster Gauze Rolls

Plaster Gauze 50081K

For masks, mold backing, foundations and parts of sculptures; there is no end to the hundreds of uses for this versitile tape. Each box contains one roll that is 4" wide by 15' long.

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1-5 rolls
6-11 rolls
12-31 rolls
32+ rolls
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