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Spectrum Electric Ash ^6 Glazes


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Spectrum has six colors that are designed to imitate the age-old tradition of using ashes as glazes in woodfired kilns. All six colors are translucent, and all are designed to “gather and run” like traditional ash glazes. The colors are inspired by the effects that come from using various fruit trees as sources of ash in reduction. One thin coat is sufficient, and they can be used on their own or over another glaze. They are oxide-based, and therefore will create fascinating new colors when overlapped with other glazes. We only stock Kiwi Ash because this is the color that our customers love. If you would like to order other glazes in this line, you will need to order 6 of the same item number and size. Call us at the numbers below for more information. This product comes from Canada and can take up to 3 weeks to arrive.


Small image for Spectrum Kiwi Ash SP1425

Kiwi Ash

Sample layered with SP1115 Textured Moonscape

SP1425 Spectrum Kiwi Ash Cone 6 Glaze Spectrum 1425

SP1425 $13.50 Spectrum SP1425 Kiwi Ash Cone 6 Glaze Georgies Ceramic & Clay - Portland, OR


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