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Specialty Underglaze Products


Underglaze Pencils

Now more intense, with better working qualities, these pencils are ideal for shading, fine line drawing or piece identification. Apply to bisqueware to create unique decorative designs. After decorating, brush lightly to remove excess particles. Sponge on first coat of clear glaze lightly to avoid smearing. Fire to the maturing temperature of the glaze. Sharpening them with a knife or razor blade works best. * Caution Label for Blue - do not use with children under 13.

K170 $2.99 ea
Berol Dark Brown (cone 10 max)
AM11420F $19.50 ea
Black (cone 10 max)


CP1 $13.50 ea
Yellow (cone 9 max)
CP3 $13.50 ea
Red (cone 9 max)
CP5 $13.50 ea
Brown (cone 9 max)
CP7 $13.50 ea
Green (cone 9 max)
CP9 $13.50 ea
Blue (cone 9 max)
CP11 $13.50 ea
Black (cone 9 max)


WP $2.99 ea
Welders Pencil 'Silver Streak'
fires from ^06 - ^6 (great for dark clays!)



Underglaze Chalks

On bisque pottery, use them like pastels: sketching results in a pebbled look. Blend colors with your finger or a cotton swab. For watercolor effects, brush your sketches with water. To reduce smudging the chalks, mix 1 Tablespoon gum solution to one pint of water and spray on work before applying the glaze.

UG208S $51.50 ea
Chalk Set 1
listed left to right ...
Turquoise, Yellow, Rose,
Dark Blue, Brown, Dark
Green, Black, White


UG209S $51.50 ea
Chalk Set 2
listed left to right ...
Yellow-Green, Lilac,
Medium Green, Light Brown,
Gray, Blue-Green, Dark
Brown, Medium Blue



Semi-Moist Underglaze Sets

These pan sets of colors are concentrated, intense, opaque and suitable for many types of ceramic painting. They are especially good for water color effects and painting of fine detail. These colors are foodsafe when covered by any dinnerware-safe glaze fired to its correct temperature. Use HF9 Zinc-Free clear for the best results firing at cone 05.

UG108S $48.50 ea
Underglaze Set 1
listed left to right ...
Maroon, Light Yellow, Dark
Blue, Blue-Green, Dark
Green, Black, Light Brown,


UG109S $48.50 ea
Underglaze Set 2
listed left to right ...
Turquoise, Lilac, Medium
Blue, Pink, Warm Gray,
Mahogany, Bright Yellow,
Warm Green


UG110A $48.50 ea
Underglaze Set 3
listed left to right ...
Purple, Light Blue, Aqua,
Rose, Orange, Peach,
Chartreuse, Suntan


UG111S • $48.50 ea
Underglaze Set 4
listed left to right ...
Red, Light Red, Real
Orange, Electric Blue,
Amethyst, Violet, Hunter
Green, Salmon


UG112 $48.50 ea
Underglaze Set 112
listed left to right ...
Aqua, White, Warm Green, Red, Med Blue, Lt Yellow, Chartreuse, Black


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