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Laguna Midrange Clays (Cone 4-7)


Click here for more Laguna clays: Lowfire Highfire

We stock the best-selling Laguna clays for our area in our Portland warehouse. Our Eugene store has limited stock on hand. For larger quantities than are available in Eugene, or for clays not in stock, please call or email us.

For special-order items or quantities greater than our stock levels, we order from Laguna when needed.
Orders reach us in about 7-10 days after we place our order. Processing and shipping your individual order may take 5-7 more business days.

Lead-time for orders may run up to 4 to 6 weeks if we do not have enough to fill a truck. Please plan ahead with this lead time for your school or studio needs.


B-Mix 5 (LAB5)

B-Mix 5 offers the same characteristics enjoyed by users of Laguna's cone 10 B-Mix. Its smooth porcelain-y texture is a pleasure to throw and form, and it fires cream in oxidation. (In-Stock in Portland)

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$23.75 $43.00 $79.00 $380.00 $690.00 $1260.00


B-Mix 5 with Grog (LAB5G)

The addition of a very fine grog makes for a more forgiving body with a slight texture and minimal speckling. (In-Stock in Portland)

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$24.75 $45.00 $82.00 $375.00 $680.00 $1240.00


B Mix with Sprinkles (LA408)

Speckled Buff

This clay has the same working properties as your favorite B Mix WC-401. This is a mid temperature, smooth, porcelaneous stoneware that is very plastic and workable. This clay prefers slow drying and ample compression on rims and bottoms to avoid cracks. (In-Stock in Portland)

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$26.75 $48.00 $88.00 $400.00 $730.00 $1340.00


Speckled Buff (LA403)

Speckled Buff

This Clay body was specifically formulated by request from Midwest & Eastern potters. Low in sand and grog content, speckled buff is smooth textured and an excellent throwing body. The color palette is perhaps best described as 'desert' or 'Southwest'. Fired in oxidation, Speckled Buff falls into the tan/brown color range.. (In-Stock in Portland)

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$23.25 $42.00 $77.00 $350.00 $630.00 $1160.00


Calico (LA871)

This is a good, general purpose clay that works well for all forming methods. Specks generally bleed into glazes. 60 mesh sand gives a medium texture. When fired to Cone 5, the oxidation color is gray/buff and the reduction color is gray/brown.

25lb 50lb 100lb 500lb 1000lb 2000lb
$19.75 $36.00 $65.00 $295.00 $540.00 $980.00


Don't see what you want?
We can special order clays that come from the West Coast plant for you! Give us a call at the number below and place an order over the phone. We will call you when it comes in. Special orders must be paid for at the time of order and are not refunded.

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