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Mud Tools by Mike Sherrill


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Special Shape Ribs

Bull Tongue Shaping Rib

A flexible plastic bowl shaping rib similar in style and use to traditional Japanese gyobera tools. Measures 10-1/4" long by 2-1/4" wide.

BT • $24.00
Bull Tongue Shaping Rib


Steel Bowl "Boomer" Rib

Nope, sorry, the Steel Boomer is not a superhero -- but you might think it is when you're working the inside surfaces of bowls! A variety of smooth curves make this rib very flexible for working on shallow or deep bowls
(3" h x 4.75" w)

SS6 • $22.00
Steel Rib Shape #8


Standard Mud Ribs

Sherrill Mud Tools, invented by Michael Sherrill of North Carolina, are made from a material known in the industry as "the stainless steel of plastics" because of its wearing qualities. Unlike rubber, this material will not develop burrs. These ribs actually burnish themselves as you use them. The different stiffnesses and shapes allow you to find one that fits your working style. Use the grid below to determine which item number to order, and click to add them to your cart.

All standard Mud Ribs are $7.00 each


Mini Ribs (Size 0)

1.38" h x 2.75" w Red Yellow Chartreuse Blue
RB0R • $9.00
RB0Y • $9.00
RB0C • $9.00
RB0B • $9.00


Shape #1

1.75" h x 3.50" w Red Yellow Chartreuse Blue
RB1R • $9.00
RB1Y • $9.00
RB1C • $9.00
RB1B • $9.00


Shape #2

2.50" h x 3.75" w Red Yellow Chartreuse Blue
RB2R • $9.00
RB2Y • $9.00
RB2C • $9.00
RB2B • $9.00


Shape #3

2.00" h x 5.00" w Red Yellow Chartreuse Blue
RB3R • $9.00
RB3Y • $9.00
RB3C • $9.00
RB3B • $9.00


Shape #4

2.00" h x 4.25" w Red Yellow Chartreuse Blue
RB4R • $9.00
RB4Y • $9.00
RB4C • $9.00
RB4B • $9.00


Shape #5

2.00" h x 4.13" w Red Yellow Chartreuse Blue
RB5R • $9.00
RB5Y • $9.00
RB5C • $9.00
RB5B • $9.00



Large Mud Ribs

Boomerang Ribs: The Boomerib

Mike Sherrill officially calls it a "small bowl rib", but we like "boomerang rib" better ... and we've nicknamed it the Boomerib. No matter what you call it, this is a great rib for working the inside surfaces of small to medium sized bowls. You can use different parts of the curve for bowls of varying width and depth. 2.75" h x 4.63" w

RB6B • $13.00
Blue (hard)
RB6C • $13.00
Chartreuse (medium)
RB6Y • $13.00
Yellow (soft)
RB6R • $13.00
Red (very soft)


The Big Boom

The same shape as the original first boomerang ribs but larger, great for when you're working on those really large projects. They're not just for bowls: try them for other large forms too. Only available in Firm (green) and Soft (yellow) so far. 3.88" h x 6.38" w.

RB7G • $17.00
Green (firm)
RB7Y • $17.00
Yellow (soft)
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Platter Mud Ribs

The same "plastic Cadillac" material that has made Mud Ribs so popular, now in a large size with a gradual curve for plates and platters. Both come in green and both are firm.

PRL • $20.00
Large - 11-1/4" long
PRS • $16.00
Small - 7-1/2" long




The "Bump"

The "Baby Bump"

The Bump (BAT)is made with a solid aluminum shaft that is bendable but not flexible. The sponge end becomes like chamois when wet, and has a hard ball under that surface. The Baby Bump (BAT2) allows you to "bump out" or alter the clay when working in a hollow form or cylinder. Smaller than the Bump, it is designed to extend your reach up to 13 inches. It gives you leverage to move clay or heal seams where your hand can’t reach. The aluminum rod is like the Bump and is bendable but not flexible. The idea is to put a bend or curve in it and leave it. The bump end is a dense sponge material with a hard center. This is a contouring tool, not a mopping tool.

BAT • $28.00
Bump Altering Tool
BAT2 • $22.00
Baby Bump Altering Tool



Mud Sponges

Shaped like traditional kidney ribs, these synthetic sponges are the best, toughest and most consistent sponges available. The blue sponge has proven its toughness many times in our classroom studio. The orange sponge has that same toughness but with a super-SMOOOOTH surface for working around lips and edges. You really have to feel for yourself just how smooth this sponge is.

NS8 • $7.00
Blue Mud Sponge (coarse)


NS9 • $9.00
White Mud Sponge (smooth)


NS10 • $7.00
Orange Mud Sponge (medium)




Stainless Steel Ribs

SS0 • $9.00
2.75" w x 1.38" h
SS1 • $9.00
3.5" w x 1.75" h
SS2 • $13.00
3.75" w x 2.5" h
SS4 • $13.00
4.25" w x 2.00 " h
SS5 • $10.00
4.13" w x 2" h
SSH015 • $20.00
5.50" w x 2.13" h


Stainless Steel Paisley Ribs

SSP1 • $12.00
3.25" w x 1.754" h
SSP18 • $14.00
3.25" w x 1.754" h
(18 teeth per inch around the rib)

SSP24 • $14.00
3.25" w x 1.75" h
(24 teeth per inch around the rib)




Stainless Steel Scrapers

SSL • $14.00 6" w x 1.75" h Qty:

SSL18 • $20.00 6" w x 1.75" h
(18 teeth per inch around the rib)

SSL24 • $20.00 6" w x 1.75" h
(24 teeth per inch around the rib)


Stainless Steel Saw

HT2 • $14.00 5.75" w x 75" h
(micro fine teeth w/ tapered points - great for
scoring and removing leather-hard clay)



Clay Shredders

These two new shredders are modeled after sculpture rasps for wood, stone and plaster. They're simply awesome for carving away clay in a hurry! They come in two shapes, conical or flat, and long enough for when you need to reach and work your clay from the inside.

SCO • Cone-Shaped Shredder • $12.00 Qty:

SF • Flat Shredder • $12.00 Qty:


(Clay shredders sold individually)
HW1 • $10.00
Clay Shredder
HW1A • $7.00
2 replacement screens

Wire Clay Cutters

The HW4 Carving Bow (on the left) and the HW6 Carving Bow (on the right)
can both use either the straight or curly cutting wires

HW4 • Carving Bow Straight • $45.00 Qty:
HW6 • Carving Bow Twisted • $45.00 Qty:

HW4R • $10.00
Straight Replacement Wires (pkg of 3)
HW6R • $16.00
Curly Replacement Wires (pkg of 3)


HW7 • $10.00
The Mudshark is a combined needle probe, cutoff needle, and trimming or cutting tool. Needle folds back
into the body of the tool.

HW8 • $9.00
Heavy-Duty Wire Cutter
HW9 • $8.00
Standard Wire Cutter
HW10 • $9.00
Curly Wire Cutter



The Do-All Trimming Tool

click on the image at left for a larger view

Since his first visit to Japan in the 80’s Michael fell in love with the simplicity of the Japanese style kanna trim tool. Subsequently, he spent years after altering and remaking his own trimming tools to better suit suit his various needs. The sharpened more familiar kana spade shape provides an excellent precise cutting edge, especially for working the details around the foot of tea bowls, bowls and plates. The curl, provides a combination of all Michael's favorite loop tool shapes: both a broad surface for smoothing and a tight shape for detail trimming.

DA • $25.00
Do-All Trim Tool - 6" x 1Ό"



The Key to Perfect Fluting

Finally, fluting tools that actually work! These metal tools have two cutting arcs for two sizes of curve. The cutting arcs are recessed from the body of the tool so the cut clay doesn't get in your way. Click on the photos above for larger images.

DT • $25.00 (original wide mouth)
Double-ended Fluting Tool
DT2 • $25.00(tight "U" mouth)
Double-ended U Fluting Tool
DT3 • $25.00 ("V" shaped mouth)
Double-ended V Fluting Tool

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