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Classes & Demos in Eugene

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These classes are in our Eugene store
Call 541-338-7654 to sign up (no online registration)


Handbuilding Class

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You don’t have to know how to use a wheel to make pottery! Try handbuilding! In this 8 week classes you will learn how to make both functional and sculptural pieces using slabs, coils and pinch pots! You will learn how to roll slabs using a slab roller and how to make coils using a hand held extruder. We will play with plaster and wood molds too! If you ever wanted to make pottery without the wheel here is your chance! Each class meets for 2 hours every Thursday from 10am-12pm. We will be using Georgies G-Mix 6 clay body and Georgies cone 6 glazes. There will be weekly demonstrations, including how to brush glazes and other glazing techniques. Class fees includes all materials, firing, and open studio time. You will also have access to the classroom during designated times when another class is not scheduled. Open Studio Time is uninstructed but valuable in learning and practicing the skills presented in class.

Wednesdays, 9am - Noon
May 3 -
June 21

Maria S. SEE556
seats open

Click here to see "The Fine Print" for clay classes at Georgies

Build a Garden Totem

Maria will teach you how to design, make and assemble a garden totem! We will be using Georgies' cone 6 Timberline Sculptural clay to make slabs, pinch pots, extrusions and handmade templates to build your totem pieces.

Your totem will be 40" high with a 10x10" steel base (that is included with your fee). Come prepared with ideas for a theme! You will want to have 3 to 5 major "focus" objects and several "filler" pieces such as hollow balls, tubes and spacers to connect the theme focus pieces.

The class fee of $300 includes clay, glazes (including our Interactive Pigments!), firing, and the totem stand (crafted by hand of welded steel). We have tools available in the classroom but feel free to bring your own as well as any favorite texture stamps or rollers you may have.

Preregistration is required to hold a spot, so call soon to reserve your opportunity!

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Thursdays, 10am - Noon
March 8 -
April 26
Maria S. SEE127
seats open

Click here to see "The Fine Print" for clay classes at Georgies


The FINE PRINT for eight-week clay classes:
At the time of registration for our clay classes we request a $25 deposit and a credit card number to hold your reservation. The $25 deposit will not be refunded if you cancel your registration, but will be applied when you pay the rest of your class fee ($25 + $225 = $250).

You will get a registration confirmation in the mail. We normally bill your class fee to your credit card number one week before the first class session. If you choose to pay by cash or check, please arrive before 5:00 pm on the first class day so we can complete your invoice. Call or email us as soon as possible if you have to cancel your registration.We have waiting lists for many of our classes, and your early call allows someone else to attend.

The fee for our clay classes includes Georgies classroom clay, use of Georgies glazes on your work, studio time to practice between class sessions (when there is not another class using the studio space), and firing your classroom work. Other clays and glazes are not included in the class fee. You'll have to purchase those on your own if you wish to use them. Cone 06 lowfire clays are NOT allowed in our classroom area for any reason.

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