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Georgies Raku Glazes (Cone 06)


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Our unique raku glazes are ready to use. Brush, dip, pour or overlap for dramatic effects -- and remember you can use the black color of the smoked clay body as a design element in your work. The photos shown here are based on our test firings. Color variations will occur with your glaze application, firing, and type and density of combustible materials used in reduction. Just for fun, try using Duncan's French Dimensions or Mayco's Designer Liners (both are raised glazes), to draw designs on raku glazes before firing -- or on the bare clay!

Please note: raku glazes must be fired in a propane or natural gas fueled kiln, creating at least a partial reduction atmosphere during firing, and followed immediately after firing by a separate reduction process. Firing these glazes in an electric kiln WILL NOT create the iridescent and metallic lusters and flashes for which raku is known.

Raku is an inherently dangerous process as you work in close proximity to extreme heat and open flame. DO NOT ATTEMPT RAKU FIRING without proper personal safety equipment and thorough training in the technique from an artist or crafter experienced in the process.


Application Tips

You will generally find more variation in consistency among raku glazes than other ceramic glazes. They're just not all the same in the jar! This is due to differences in their formulas: they don't all use the same raw materials. The desired consistency for raku glazes is roughly the same as milk, or slightly thicker (like chocolate milk). If your glaze is too thick, thin it with water and stir thoroughly. If the glaze is too thin and watery, you may need to brush or dip more coats to reach the best application thickness. Application thickness is important because raku glazes are sensitive to thickness: too much or too little glaze will change your color and texture results.

Optimum application thickness roughly equals half the thickness of a dime. Matte glazes will often reach that thickness with only one or two brushed flowing coats. They 'prefer' to be applied thinner than gloss raku glazes. Gloss glazes usually require three brushed flowing coats to reach half the thickness of a dime. These numbers will vary depending on the consistency of your glaze and your application style.

Raku glazes are never foodsafe due to their high concentrations of metallic oxides, and are NOT watertight when fired.

Discounts are available for multiples of the same item numbers if you buy 6 each or 12 each of the same size and color. Prices will show up in your cart. This does not include kits which are already discounted.

Downloadable Glaze Information


Georgies Glazes are formulated for application with brushes, but they can be thinned with water if you prefer dipping or pouring application.

PG899 $39.60
Raku Glazes Intro Set

Retail value $72.00 (if purchased separately)
- 4oz each of 8 colors for cone 06 Reduction firing
- ships Flat Rate (if no other items ordered)
*** temporarily unavailable ***


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Georgies PG801 Apple Crackle Raku Glazes

Apple Crackle
Gloss surface. Gallons are special order only.

Georgies PG802 Copper Flash Raku Glazes

Copper Flash*
Sandy matte surface

*discontinued when stock is gone

Georgies PG803 Copper Penny Raku Glazes

Copper Penny
Sandy matte surface. Gallons are stocked.

Georgies PG805 White Crackle Raku Glazes

White Crackle
Crazed gloss surface. Gallons in stock.

Georgies PG806 Midnight Luster Raku Glazes

Midnight Luster*
Gloss surface

*discontinued when stock is gone

Georgies PG807 Opal Shimmer Raku Glazes

Opal Shimmer*
Sandy matte surface

*discontinued when stock is gone

Georgies PG808 Beetle Juice Raku Glazes

Beetle Juice
Gloss surface. Gallons are special order only.

Georgies PG809 Alligator Raku Glazes

Sandy matte surface. Gallons are special order only.

Georgies PG810 Piepenburg Red-Bronze Raku Glazes

Piepenburg Red-Bronze*
Gloss surface

*discontinued when stock is gone

Georgies PG811 Blue Dolphin Raku Glazes

Blue Dolphin
Sandy matte surface. Gallons are special order only.

Georgies PG812 Copper Ridge Raku Glazes

Copper Ridge*
Sandy matte surface

*discontinued when stock is gone

Georgies PG813 Michigan Patina Raku Glazes

Michigan Patina*
Gloss surface

*discontinued when stock is gone

Georgies PG823 Purple Passion Raku Glazes

Purple Passion
Textural semi-gloss surface surface. Gallons are special order only.

Georgies PG824 Firedance Raku Glazes

Gloss surface. Gallons are special order only.


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