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Cone 6 Sculptural/Textural Glazes
For cone 6 stoneware firing


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These glazes have remarkable versatility, and even better, they're FUN! They are reactive and interactive with each other and with your clay body. Varied thick to thin applications produce different and special effects. With so many different combinations to try, we'll be playing with them for years to come. We think you will be too. Each time we open the kiln, we find new "gifts from the kiln gods".

As we continue developing our website, we will add photos of the most successful, interesting and dramatic color combinations. Download our glaze brochure, available at the bottom of this page, for a few suggested combinations.

All these glazes are nontoxic. However, not all are food-safe because some have dry or breaking surfaces after firing. We recommend bisque firing to cone 04, glaze firing to cone 6 at medium speed, and kiln ventilation for all firings.

Discounts are available for multiples of the same glaze color and size if you buy 6 each or 12 each item number. Combination of sizes and colors will not get discounts. Prices will show up in your cart. This does not include kits which are already discounted.


Downloadable Glaze Information

Glaze Color Flyer Price List Crackle Glazes Enhancing Surface: Interactive Pigments with other glazes
Color Play Page 1 Color Play Page 2 Color Play Page 3 Color Play Page 4

Small photo of pieces with GLW glazes

GLW99 Georgies Sculptural & Textural Cone 6 Glazes Sample Set Georgies Ceramic & Clay GLW Sculptural & Textural Glazes GLW99 4oz jars of 39 different glazes in Georgies GLW Sculptural & Textural glaze line.

GLW99 $231.55
Sculptural & Textural Sample Set

  • Retail value $421.00 (if all items purchased separately)
  • 4oz each of 43 colors for cone 6 firing
  • shipped flat rate (if no other items ordered)

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GLW02 Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans
Matte, opaque electric blue with a wonderful touchable surface!Can be a picky glaze fit on some clays. Test for crazing before use on dinneware. Food-safe.

GLW03 Avocado Ice

Avocado Ice
Opaque with gloss-to-matte. A matte, sagey-green where thin with edges breaking to a dusky, rose-blush. Thicker application yields an avocado green gloss. This glaze will run on verticle surfaces! NOT food-safe.

GLW04 Peanut Ash Matte

Peanut Ash Matte
Dry, organic and opaque rich brown-to-gold surface. Wonderful on sculptural pieces.
NOT food-safe.

GLW06 Liquid Luster Bronze

Liquid Luster Bronze
Opaque, and glossy when thin with matte crystals spreading on the surface where thick. Sharp, breaking edges are a glossy, deep-brown. Great interaction with other glazes. NOT food-safe.

GLW08 Copper Patina

Copper Patina
Opaque satin-matte. Versatile and consistently intersting finishes: brown-to-green colors where thin, deeper greens with medium application, and turquoise blues in breaking mottles where thicker. Food-safe.

GLW10 Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue
Glossy and opaque, the rich, deep color varies from blue to indigo to near purple. Works best on light clay bodies. Food-safe.

GLW12 Eggshell Wash

Eggshell Wash
Waxy matte and semi-opaque with a semi-transparent finish where thin, and more opaque white where thicker. May craze on some clays. Food safe. ** DRY glaze available in 50# bags only...please call for pricing.

GLW13 Sage Green

Sage Green
Semi-opaque, waxy matte, soft mottled-green finish where thick. Warm mauve hues when breaking over edges and where thin. Food-safe.

GLW15 Jujube White

Jujube White
Fabulous breaking, crawling, glossy white beads. Apply with a sponge and the bead pattern shows up almost immediately. Heavier application creates larger beads. Can be applied over other glazes. Glossy glazes will smooth out the beads while matte or dry glazes keep the beads stiff. For pure contrast, apply an underglaze to clay surface followed by Jujube. Food safety depends on underlying or contrasting glaze.

GLW16 Faux Ash Teal

Faux Ash Teal
A mottling ash flow of opaque matte teal (blue-green) with runs of metallic black. Will RUN on verticle surfaces. NOT food-safe

GLW17 Turquoise Lagoon

Turquoise Lagoon
A breaking bright turqoise with a thin application then mottles to grey-green in medium application. A light, bright, very dry suface where thickest. NOT food-safe

GLW19 Moss Thicket

Moss Thicket
Waxy matte and opaque. A very stable glaze that offers a breaking green surface where thin and on breaking edges, with mottled black where thick. NOT food-safe

GLW21 Raw Honey

Raw Honey
Satin-matte and opaque. Golden yellow with a slightly breaking surface. Works best as a bottom layer in glaze overlaps. Food-safe

GLW22 Rusty Nails

Rusty Nails
Dry and opaque with a unique surface: thin applications yield rusty red, with deep rust brown for medium application, and breaking gold where thick. NOT food-safe

GLW23 White Froth

White Froth
Dry-to-satin and opaquae. Soft, warm, white; it breaks and crawls to create a 'frothy' surface. Tight, vitreous clays give an almost satin finish; more open, structural clays are more likely to produce the frothy texture. The heavier the application, the heavier the froth. NOT food-safe

GLW25 Aqua Gemstone

Aqua Gemstone
Matte and opaque. This is a kissing cousin to Copper Patina, but producing a bright aqua blue that mottles to black. Food-safe.

GLW26 Mustard Wood Ash

Mustard Wood Ash
A reduction look in oxidation firing! Iron red where thin or breaking, with satin mustard tones in medium application, then breaking brown/mustard where thickest. Mostly stable, but test your application for runs. Food-safe

GLW27 Emerald Wood Ash

Emerald Wood Ash
Satin-to-gloss and semi-opaque. Organic green where thin, moving to smoky deep charcoal where thick. True ash glaze: test your application for runs. Food safe.

GLW28 Sapphire Wood Ash

Sapphire Wood Ash
Satin-to-gloss and semi-opaque. Rich cobalt blue where thin to smoky dark blue/black where thicker. True ash glaze: test your application for runs. Food safe.

GLW30 Cinnamon

Satin-to-gloss and opaque. Dependable, breaking shino-quality with a warm spicy red-brown where thinner, to a warm cream where thicker. Plays well with other glazes. Food-safe.

GLW31 Dry Rust

Dry Rust
Dry, opaque sculpture glaze with the tones of rust. Iron-red tones where thin, deepening to yellow where thick. NOT food-safe

GLW32 Latte

Glossy and opaque. Smooth creamy white where thick, breaking to vivid red iron where thin. Simply great by itself, and plays well with other glazes. Food-safe.

GLW34 Ohata Red

Ohata Red
Glossy & opaque, breaking iron-red to black tones. Works best with thin to medium application. Teams up with other glazes to produce wonderful & unique looks. Food-safe.

GLW36 Northwest Woods Green Matte

NW Woods Green Matte
Soft, warm green with brown tones and golden breaking edges. Opaque matte finish with lots of visual interest. Food-safe.

GLW37 Pure White Matte

Pure White Matte
Satin-matte, and opaque white. It's purely simple, reliable and functional with exceptional glaze fit. Food-safe

GLW39 Vanilla Cream Matte

Vanilla Cream Matte
Matte and opaque. Toasty, golden glow mellows through warm creamy tones in medium application to rosy pink hues where thicker. Plays well with other glazes. Food-safe.

GLW40 Golden Raspberry Matte

Golden Raspberry Matte
Satin-matte and opaque. Golden tan where thin with blushes to rich mauve as thickness increases. Sharp edges break to the golden tone. Food-safe.

GLW41 Cool Lime Matte

Cool Lime Matte
Definitely cool, definitely lime! A vibrant lime green where applied thin, moving into cool shades of mottled blue-grey where thicker. Food-safe.

GLW42 Blueberry Matte

Blueberry Matte
Satin-matte and opaque. Soft, mottling, satin-matte that brings the look of a ripening blueberry: green where thin and turning medium blue as it gets thicker. Food-safe.

GLW43 Bright Blue Matte

Bright Blue Matte
Matte and opaque. Vibrant, deep, reliable blue matte glaze with a rich satin finish. Food-safe.

GLW45 Plum Black Gloss

Plum Black Gloss
Rich, glossy black with deep purple and brown tones. Plays well with other glazes: try it under White Cloud (PG641) or Ohata Red (GLW34). Food-safe.

GLW46 Northern Lights Gloss

Northern Lights Gloss
Gloss finish with an amazing range of color from golden amber to khaki tan to blue-purple, depending on thickness of application and clay color. Whiter clays yield brighter and wider color ranges. Food-safe.

GLW47 Kalamata Black Matte

Kalamata Black Matte
Opaque and matte. When thin it produces an olive khaki color. Applied thicker it mottles to black, achieving a rich breaking black at it's thickest. Food-safe.


Crackle Glazes

Georgies' cone 6 crackle glazes give their best and intended results when used on porcelain or tight white stoneware (high shrinkage) clay bodies. Crackle glazes are NOT foodsafe because of the nature of their fired surfaces. Samples on the right show color results with India ink applied after firing.

India Ink

GLW99 Georgies Sculptural & Textural Cone 6 Glazes Sample Set Georgies Ceramic & Clay GLW Sculptural & Textural Glazes GLW99 4oz jars of 39 different glazes in Georgies GLW Sculptural & Textural glaze line.

India Ink
2oz bottle. Keep from freezing. Mix well before using. Clean brushes with warm soapy ammonia solution and rise with water.


India ink will highlight the crackle patterns in the fired glaze. India ink, however, SHOULD ONLY BE USED WHEN THE CLAY BENEATH THE GLAZE IS VITREOUS (fused and waterproof as a result of firing). If the clay is not vitreous, the India ink will soak into the clay body and spread, with less-than-desirable results. If the ink soaks in, there is no cure other than refiring the piece to burn out the ink.

Georgies GLW48 Cicada Clear Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze
Georgies GLW48 Cicada Clear Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze with ink applied after firing

Cicada Clear Crackle
A clear crackle with a bright lustrous finish. The color of your clay body will directly affect your results. After firing, brush on India Ink and wipe back to accent the crackle pattern for even more richness. NOT FOOD SAFE.


Georgies GLW49 Peking Blue Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze Georgies GLW49 Peking Blue Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze with ink applied after firing

Peking Blue Crackle
A deep, rich classic Oriental copper blue-turquoise that creates gem-like pools of depth.
NOTE: This copper blue-turquoise is the fired color ONLY ONPORCELAIN CLAYS. All stoneware clays contain trace amounts of iron, and Peking Blue turns GREEN when iron is present in the clay body. NOT FOOD SAFE


Georgies GLW50 Dragon Scale Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze Georgies GLW50 Dragon Scale Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze with ink applied after firing

Dragon Scale Crackle
A beautiful grey-green celadon that reflects the great ceramic traditions of China. Offers a restful "zen" quality of peaceful green. NOT FOOD SAFE .


Georgies GLW51 Wu Blue Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze Georgies GLW51 Wu Blue Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze with ink applied after firing

Wu Blue Crackle
A soft powder-to-baby blue like a clear summer day. Those are rare for us in the Northwest, but we remember the color from when we occasionally see them. Capture some sunshine in a jar with this glaze.


Georgies GLW53 Yangtze Amber Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze Georgies GLW48 Yangtze Amber Crackle Sculptural/Textural cone 6 glaze with ink applied after firing

Yangtze Amber Crackle
This golden amber has the character of a Chinese royal yellow. Rich and lustrous! You'll love adding this one to your glaze palette. NOT FOOD SAFE.



More Glazes ...

Small image of GLW54 Paprika Matte Gloss

Paprika Matte
This rich, satiny-matte, rusty red has that wonderful look of reduction, but it comes from reliable oxidation firing! Breaks to a black-brown where thin or on details and edges. Food safe.

Small image of GLW55 Turmeric Matte Gloss

Turmeric Matte
The inpsiration for this glaze is the actual spice, turmeric. This soft, satiny, matte glaze is sure to spice up your work! Food safe.

Small image of GLW56 Chartreuse Matte Gloss

Chartreuse Matte
Hot chartreuse in matte form! Fun and intense, it reveals a mottled character where thin and may crackle if applied thicker. Easy, realiable and food safe!

Small image of GLW57 Dusty Blue Matte Gloss

Dusty Blue Matte
Soft, warm blue that seems just as familiar as your favorite pair of old jeans! Where applied thinner it breaks to a soft brown, and it yields that reliable blue with even application. Food safe.


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