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MSDS & SDS Sheets


Click for MSDS/SDS sheets for:
Georgies Clays Gloss, GLW, & IP Glazes Raku Glazes Slips

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Equipment Safety Food Safety Glazes & Oxides


Material Safety Data Sheets are forms required by the federal government containg information on safe handling and storage practices and emergency procedures. Our goal is to provide you easy access to the MSDS info on products we manufacture. If you need MSDS forms for products not listed, please feel free to call, email or write to us.


What Do The Codes Mean?

MSDS sheets are loaded with abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms whose meanings may not be intuitively clear. We've found an excellent Web resource that translates these terms into plain English. Clicking this link opens the glossary in a new browser window on your screen. (If the link doesn't work, you may need to adjust your browser controls to allow our website to open a new window.)

Additional MSDS/SDS Sheets

We are required to provide MSDS/SDS sheets on the products we manufacture at Georgies. We are also required to provide MSDS/SDS sheets on the raw clay and glaze ingredients we carry. We keep these sheets on file, and we're happy to provide them on request. MSDS/SDS sheets for many common materials are also available from the computers of the Oregon State Fire Marshal. Clicking this link opens the Fire Marshal's searchable MSDS/SDS database in a new browser window on your screen. If the link doesn't work, you may need to adjust your browser contrls to allow our website to open a new window.

SDS - Soapstone

Click on the image at left for a PDF that you can print.



SDS - Pottery & Molding Plaster

Click on the image at left for a PDF that you can print.

USG1 Pottery
USG2 Moulding



SDS - Georgies Clays

Georgies product numbers not on this list have been discontinued -
SDS sheets for discontinued items are available on request

Click the item number to get the SDS sheet



SDS - Georgies Slips

Natural White & White Cast/Blanco Slips




SDS - Georgies Glazes

Cone 6 - GLW, PG, TD, GS, & IP Glazes
Sculptural/Textural (GLW), Gloss (PG), Tie-Dye (TD), Satin (GS) & Interactive Pigments (IP)

Cone 6 Crackle Glazes


Raku Glazes

At Georgies, we urge you to test our products before use to determine their suitability for your purpose or your project. We also urge you to be conscientious in determining any risks associated with specific ceramic materials. We support your efforts by supplying good faith information, derived from reliable sources, that we believe to be accurate. The safety information on these pages is a summary presentation, and not intended to be exhaustive in detail. If you have specific questions or concerns, we would be happy to supply further information on request.



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