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Minerals & Pigments: W



Georgies offers a wide variety of raw materials for clays, glazes and other uses. If you don't find the materials you need, please contact us. We may be able to get it for you OR suggest suitable replacements. The Occupational Health & Safety Administration devised this color-coded numerical ratings system to quickly and easily summarize the levels of risk through various means of exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. Safety Data Sheets contain more detailed information about any risks posed by chemicals or raw materials, along with handling, cleanup and first aid instructions. Georgies maintains a library of SDS forms for the materials we sell. To request copies, please contact us by phone, fax or email.

0 - No Hazard
1 - Slight Hazard
2 - Dangerous
3 - Extreme Danger
4 - Deadly

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0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

Black Wax Resist
Black wax resist leaves a black oxide line when fired. Fire cone 06 to cone 10. If fired higher, the black will fade and then disappear altogether at Cone 10. Thinning is NOT recommended. Allow to dry for at least two hours before firing or applying a second coat. To darken the line from gray to black use a clear overglaze

0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

Mayco Wax Resist
Wax Resist acts to repel glaze from the surface of your work. Firing dissipates the wax, leaving the surface beneath as it was prior to firing. It can be applied to unglazed greenware, bisque or over a layer of unfired color. Apply with a brush, sponge or spatter.

0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

Premium Wax Resist
Thicker than Reed wax, and therefore slower to dry, Premium is a thick yellow cream wax that holds its edge well in application. This wax resists dripping, making it good for wax for painting detailed areas. this product should not be frozen.

out of stock
0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

Reed Wax Resist
Reed Wax Resist coats smoothly with no drag and dries quickly to a transparent, non-tacky finish. Stable to freeze and thaw: just thaw at room temperatures and stir.

0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

Whiting 325-mesh (Calcium Carb)
CALCIUM CARBONATE: the main source of calcium oxide in glazes. High temperature flux giving durability and hardness to glazes.

0 - Skin
1 - Inhalation
0 - Ingestion

Wollastonite W10
Works for both clay and glaze. Same source as the W20 and W30 only the grind has changed.



Mr. Mark's Removable Wax ON Resist

Mr. Marks’ Wax ON is a water-based wax resist product that contains a special hardener that quickly sets the wax
and eliminates dripping and tacky surfaces. It was created to eliminate problematic dripping and tacky surfaces
when applying wax. Now you can decorate with wax during glazing without worrying about pesky smudges and
sticky fingers. It is ideal for creating detailed, precise surface decoration on bisqueware and can be applied with
either a brush or slip applicator. Its purple color allows you to easily visualize where wax is applied. However, the
color burns out in the firing, just like regular wax. Wax ON should be stored at room temperature and mixed well
before use. Wax ON should be washed with soap and water immediately after use, and the hardener in the wax
can make this material difficult to wash off once it dries.

WON8 • $14.95
Wax On - 8oz


WON16 • $19.25
Wax On - 16oz



Mr. Mark's Removable Wax OFF Resist

Mr. Mark's Removable Wax Off Resist is a wax we have created for potters and decorative artists. It is designed
to be painted on like regular wax, but can easily be peeled away. The removal is simple and can be done in a
short period of time. This allows for endless possibilities in design as well as layering. Our Wax Off! Resist drys
in 5-10 minutes depending on how thick you put it on. It drys darker than it appears when wet (so you know when
it's ready). It can even be applied to spots on your bisque ware that have already been dipped in glaze without lifting
away the glaze. On top of all that it's affordable! You will never have to be afraid of dripping wax on your pots and
being stuck with a waxing mistake again: now you can just peel it away! Helpful Hint: By resting your brush in soapy
water while you are working with Wax Off, you will preserve the life of your brush. Clean your brushes with soap and
water after use. dish soap works great. There are no commercial preservatives in this product to prevent it from
freezing. If your area of the world is freezing this product when exposed may harden. There are no refunds if this
happens. Please be aware of your local weather.

WOF8 • $14.95
Wax Off Latex - 8oz


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