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Sieves, Screens, Scoops

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Talisman Sieves & Screens

GET99 is the Complete Sieve Package which includes an 80-mesh standard screen, screen brush and holder, crank handle and housing. Adjusts to fit a wide range of bucket sizes. Replacement accessories are available to purchase separately below. (click on drop down menu)



Talisman Bowl with Scraper

GET99A • $38.00
Talisman Hand Sieve - Bowl Only
Bowl is 10" across and includes a spatula for
scraping. - Screens sold separately below -

TR $6.00
Talisman Red Rib Scraper
Rib scraper only - 4" x 3" (bowl not included)



Talisman Screen Inserts

Talisman Screen Inserts $55.00
Available in 40 - 200 mesh


Talisman Test Screens

Test Screens $33.00
Available in 40 - 200 mesh

Plastic Bowl with Sieve Screen

Sieve Screens $48.50
Reusable bowls; available in 30-200 mesh


Steel Economy Sieves

Steel Screens
Two sizes: 6" & 10" widths
each with an 80-mesh screen


Kitchen Type Strainer/Screen

FR5885 $10.20
Plastic with Steel Screen - 7" wide


Garlic Press

FR5787 $7.50
Garlic Press


Mortar & Pestle

FR3836 $24.90
Mortar & Pestle 4"



FR5299 $5.20
Plastic Funnels - set of 3



Aluminum Scoops
Choose from: 5oz or 12oz


FR5864 $3.90
Plastic Scoops - Set of 3
(yogurt is only shown for size reference)


Measuring Cups

FR7941 $5.40
Glass Measuring Cup - 5 oz

FR7832 $10.80
Glass Measuring Cup w/Lid - 8 oz

*** Gleco sink traps are sold out and no longer available ***

You can check out "" and "The Ceramic Shop"
for their versions of the sink trap.

Empty Glaze Containers

Empty Glaze Containers
4oz, Pint, Gallon & 3-Gallon Buckets
Wide mouth containers with lids

Empty Spray Bottle

BT03 $3.00
Empty Spray Bottle

Perfect for keeing your clay moist while working


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