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Bamboo Tools


Why Bamboo?

For centuries, Oriental potters have relied on bamboo as their material of choice for tools to work with clay. Here's why:

  • Durability: bamboo is a grass with a long-running grain. This makes it incredibly durable, flexible, and easy to shape with a sharp knife. Once shaped, bamboo holds an edge that stands up to heavy use longer than most woods.

  • No Oils Needed: bamboo does not have to be impregnated with water-resistant oils. It will never become soft, waterlogged, cracked or warped even if left to stand in water for extended periods.

  • A Wise Choice: bamboo is one of the most abundant and renewable natural resources we have. With its intricate root system and high growth rate, one stand of bamboo can be reharvested every 3 to 5 years (or selectively harvested every year).

C23 $6.00
Small Combing Tool


RSP $6.00
Rope Texture Tool
(7.5" wide with 3mm rope)


Large Fishnet Texture Rollers

RDS (top) $5.00
Small Rope Fishnet

RDL (bottom) $6.00
Large Rope Fishnet


Fine Fishnet Texture Rollers

RFS (top) $6.00
Small Rope Fine Fishnet

RFL (bottom) $7.00
Large Rope Fine Fishnet


Parallel Texture Rollers

RLS (top) $6.00
Small Parallel Rope

RLL (bottom) $7.00
Large Parallel Rope


Groove Rope Texture Rollers

RWS (top) $6.00
Small Groove Rope

RWL (bottom) $7.00
Large Groove Rope


Yumi Straight Wire Cutter (3.25" w)

YSX $8.00 Qty:


Wiggle Wire Wave Cutters

2mm $8.00

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