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Rollers & Rolling Pins


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Rolling Pins

RPL, RPM and RPS are solid wood rolling pins: there is no dowel in the middle that could break at the handles. They're great for working with firm or grogged clays. FR4048 is recommended primarily for use with softer clays.

RPL $44.00
Solid Rolling Pin 22" L


RPM $36.00
Solid Rolling Pin 17" L


RPS $29.00
Solid Rolling Pin 11" L


FR4048 $22.00
Rolling Pin 13" L


FR4026 $22.00
Non-Stick Rolling Pin 12" L
Barrel is 2-3/8" wide silicone, with nylon bearings.



Small Hand Rollers

FR5516 $8.50
Double Hand Roller


FCR Flower Clay Roller

Buy 1-5 ... 6-11 ... 12+ ...
$4.89 ea $3.91 ea $3.42 ea

Amaco Tile & Texture Rollers

Cutting soft clay slabs into tiles, rectangles, or strips is so easy with these Clay Tile Cutters from Amaco! The 4" wide x 5/8" deep cutter allows you to make 4" cuts, up to 1/2" thick, in continuous rows. The Clay Tile Cutter is made of a durable plastic and is safe for all ages.

TC4S $6.75
4" Tile Roller Sleeve
(measures 4"w x 5/8"d)



Textured Clay Rollers (4" wide)

Roll out a continuous design on a slab of clay with these new textured Clay Rollers and watch a plain slab become an instant work of art! Create tiles, vessels, or other works. The roller sleeves are interchangeable on the handle so you can save storage space as well as money!

TRH $6.35
Clay Texture Roller Handle


TRB $7.60
Bamboo Texture Roller


TRD $7.60
Diamonds Texture Roller


TRK $7.60
Koi Texture Roller


TRP $7.60
Pre-Colombian Texture Roller


TRT $7.60
Tribal Texture Roller


TRV $7.60
Vine & Leaf Texture Roller



Textured Clay Rollers (2-1/2" wide)

Same design as the 4"
handle above, but
only 2-1/2" wide

TRHM $6.25
Mini Clay Roller Handle


TRM1 $7.05
Mini Chain Link Roller


TRM2 $7.05
Mini Pre-Colombian Roller


TRM3 $7.05
Mini Circular Pattern Roller


TRM4 $7.05
Mini Waves & Dots Roller



Xiem Art Rollers

Discover the unlimited possibilities of pattern and texture with these great new Art Rollers from Xiem! Each 7" roller is made of high-quality nonstick rubber and is easily interchangeable with the stainless steel-&-hardwood handle. These rollers offer seamless pattern designs, sturdy and construction, and they're designed and assembled in the US. The rollers work equally well with or without the ARH handle.

ARH $6.95
Art Roller Handle
Baroque Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Bamboo Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Stucco 1 Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Woodgrain Art Roller
$1295 Qty:
Nami Waves Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Crackle Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Vertical Lines Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Key Fret Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Stucco 2 Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:
Chrysanthemum Art Roller
$12.95 Qty:


Mini Art Rollers

Art Roller Minis have interchangeable rubber rollers with different designs. NO strips to wrap around and secure (somehow) to the wheel: just slide rollers on and off the handle. Roll them in any direction on any surface, including curves, for continuous lines of pattern. Actual pattern size is 1" wide.

Four sets available: each set includes handle and three pattern wheels

Set B
ARMB $17.95
Qty: --->
Set C
ARMC $17.95
<--- Qty:
Set D
ARMD $17.95
Qty: --->


Art Roller - Detail

Create. Roll. Done! Xiem's extended Art Roller Detailing family includes eleven exciting patterns give you the wow factor that you have been searching for in your artwork. They are great for adding texture to a variety of clays such as polymer, sculpey, earthenware, precious metal, and stoneware clays. Now you can effortlessly add a seamless line of texture to any project. Discover the unlimited possibilities! Each roller is 1/2" wide.

ARD01 $18.50
Detail 1


ARD03 $18.50
Detail 1


ARD05 $18.50
Detail 5


ARD06 $18.50
Detail 6


ARD08 $18.50
Detail 8


ARD11 $18.50
Detail 11


Thickness Strips

Bamboo is a hard and durable material. These thickness strips are used to roll out uniform slabs of clay. Measurments are 15.75" long x .75" Wide. They come in pairs of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2" thick.

BY06 $21.00
Thickness Strips


The Steve Tool

The Steve Tool is a reconfigurable tool for applying texture to your clay. Arrange the plastic texture disks (which ome in 2 styles, shown above) with washers and nuts into many designs for lots of raw texture in different patterns. After applying texture, form the shape of your clay piece from the INSIDE. You'll see how the texture becomes part of the piece, not just applied to the outside, as the clay moves and reshapes the texture patterns. The resulting patterns may mimic flowers, seashells, and helixes: it all depends on how you arrange the disks!

example on clay Fully assembled Texture disks

STT $20.00
The Steve Tool

$20.00 $20.00


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