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Brent Wheels & Accessories


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Why Choose Brent?

Brent Wheels made their reputation by providing optimal torque at all speeds. The classic Brent controller that made it all possible is back, with new improvements to make it better than ever.

  • Auto Load Regulation means constant RPM, so the wheel speed won't slow
    down under varying load demands.

  • The electronic and motor designs incorporate filters to rpevent interference
    on nearby AM/FM radios.

  • Reliable, simple toggle switches for on/off and forward/reverse controls, with
    a safe "neutral" position for the forward/reverse switch.

  • Modular connections between the motor, controls and foot pedal make repair
    or replacement quick and easy.

  • All Brent wheels include a two-piece molded plastic splash pan that snaps
    under the wheelhead.

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Model B

Brent Model B electric potter's wheel
  • ฝ hp 5 amp motor
  • 12" aluminum wheel head
    with bat pins
  • Handles 150 pounds of clay continuously
  • Cast aluminum foot pedal
  • Shipping weight 112 pounds

B • $1875.00
Brent B Wheel



Model C

Brent Model C electric potter's wheel
  • พ hp 7 amp motor
  • 14" aluminum wheel head
    with bat pins
  • Handles 225 pounds of clay continuously
  • Cast aluminum foot pedal
  • Powder-coated legs for improved scratch and corrosion resistance
  • Shipping weight 117 pounds

C • $1840.00
Brent C Wheel



Model CXC

Brent Model CXC electric potter's wheel
  • 1 hp 10 amp motor
  • 14" aluminum wheel head
    with bat pins
  • Handles 300 pounds of clay continuously
  • Cast aluminum foot pedal
  • Powder-coated legs for improved scratch and corrosion resistance
  • Shipping weight 117 pounds

CXC • $1950.00
Brent CXC Wheel



Options & Accessories

Potter's Stool

Brent basic potter's stool

This potter's stool combines fine quality workmanship and comfort-oriented design. It is 18" high, making it perfect for use with most wheels. Unitized welding assures strength in the one-piece gray tubular steel frame. The seat is 14" in diameter and is made of heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel with curled edges to reinforce the seat and eliminate safety hazards. A 1/8" thick tempered hardboard seat is recessed into the frame.

RBST • $60.00
Potter's Stool



Splash Pan

Brent Splash Pan

Our high density black polypropylene molded splash pan fits all brentฎ wheels, and is designed to catch excess water. It snaps under the top bearing housing, with no bolts, pins or screws to get lost. It is easily removed for cleaning.

BSP • $57.00
Brent Splash Pan



Bat Pins

Bat Pins

Fits Brent and modern Shimpo/Nidek wheels.
-- Click here to shop for BATS --

BP • $3.00 per pair
Bat Pins



Amaco QC Quick-Center system for quick, easy centering of clay on potters wheels. Quick-Center System

Center up to 4 pounds of clay quickly, easily, and accurately every time. Great for students, beginners, and others who may have hand or wrist issues that make centering the clay difficult or painful. The Quickcenter System includes:

  • One universal bat adapter
  • One recessed bat (14"w) with
    Quick-Center bat pins
  • One Quick-Center canister/plunger
  • Five false bottoms - you'll only use one at a time, but having spares is always good!

QC • $205.00
Brent Quick-Center System

#1 #2 #3
Load the Amaco Quick-Center system with clay Set the adapter and bat on the wheel head Place and release the clay onto the bat

Load the Canister/Plunger with clay by pressing into wedged clay.

Place the Universal Adapter and Recessed Bat onto the wheel head using the QuickCenter bat pins.

Center the Canister-Plunger into the Recessed Bat Set, release the clay and begin throwing.

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