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Skutt Pottery Wheels

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Why Choose Skutt Wheels?

Because all electric motors are NOT the same
-- even when they have the same horsepower rating.

Skutt wheels by Thomas Stuart use industrial "continual duty" motors, designed to run at full speed without overheating for as long as the user requires. Other wheels may use "peak-rated motors" intended to provide full power without overheating only for short periods. The torque produced by a wheel is the amount of power you have to center clay. High torque at low speeds is important for potters -- but providing high torque at low speeds generates more heat in the motor. Temperature is the greatest enemy of variable speed motors, leading to worn parts and eventual failure. The larger motors on Thomas Stuart wheels have superior insulation and more windings, which allow greater dissipation of motor heat, plus integrated fans for additional cooling. This allows these motors to run cooler and last longer. Plus the additional torque at lower speeds gives these wheels great centering capacity -- higher than other wheels rated at the same horsepower.

Click the image at right
to see the YouTube video
of Skutt's New Red Wheel
in action!

Skutt has REBRANDED their WHEEL LINE with a bold,
new RED color (like their red box on Skutt kilns)
and simplified the selection.

These new wheels are in stock!

Now, with only 3 models ... PRODIGY, LEGEND & CLASSIC ... these wheels
all come with the standard, reliable 1/3 hp motor. The 1/2 & 1 hp motors will now be optional upgrades on the Legend and Classic models only.

These new RED wheels are the only ones to have a 10 year warranty! The new potentiometer in the foot pedal is water and dust proof with a cycle rating nearly 30 times the standard. Since the foot pedal is one of the most common replacement items, the robust potentiometer gives Skutt the confidence to provide a 10 year warranty.


The Prodigy

Skutt Prodigy potters wheel

  • Removable Splash Pan
  • The same heavy-duty components as other Skutt wheels on a powder-coated, welded steel frame.
  • 1/3 horsepower motor, 12" wheel head
  • Motor does not reverse
  • Round one-piece single-cast splash pan
  • 10 year manufacturers' warranty
  • Shipping weight 94 lbs - dimension of box 30" x 24" x 24"
  • Call for quote on freight or delivery to your location.

SKP-SSX $1675.00
Skutt Prodigy Wheel 1/3 hp w/SSX



The Classic

Skutt Classic potters wheel

  • Integrated Splash Pan - built in
  • 1/3 horsepower motor, 14" wheel head
  • Centers 100+ pounds of clay
  • Designed for most studios and classrooms
  • Powder-coated heavy duty cast aluminum frame is darned near indestructible
  • 100 year manufacturers' warranty
  • Shipping weight 127 lbs. - dimension of box 30" x 24" x 24"
  • Call for quote on freight or delivery to your location.

SKC-SSX $2155.00
Skutt Classic Wheel 1/3 hp w/SSX


SKC-1/2HP-SSX $2255.00 - special order
Skutt Classic 1/2 hp Motor w/SSX


SKC-1HP-SSX $2380.00 - special order
Skutt Classic 1 hp Motor w/SSX



The Legend

Skutt Legend potters wheel

  • One of only three wheels available on the market with single-cast one-piece full-size splash pans.
  • 1/3 horsepower motor, 14" wheel head
  • Centers over 100 pounds of clay
  • The most popular model for schools
  • Powder-coated heavy duty cast aluminum frame
  • 10 year manufacturers' warranty
  • Shipping weight 117 lbs - dimension of box 30" x 24" x 24"
  • Call for quote on freight or delivery to your location.

SKL-SSX $2290.00
Skutt Legend 1/3hp Wheel w/SSX


SKL-1/2HP-SSX $2390.00 - special order
Skutt Legend 1/2hp Wheel w/SSX


SKL-1HP-SSX $2515.00 - special order
Skutt Legend 1hp Wheel w/SSX



Options & Accessories for Electric Wheels

Drive Shaft Extension

Skutt potters wheel drive shaft extension

TSSE $77.00 - special order
The drive shaft extension raises the wheelhead above the base for throwing or trimming oversized pots. Lift the wheel head off, place the extension on the drive shaft, and replace the wheel head. That's all there is to it. (For use only on wheels with integrated splash pans)



Adjustable Leg Extensions

Skutt adjustable leg extensions for potters wheels

TSLE $230.00 - special order
These extensions easily convert any Skutt wheel into a standup model by using unique aluminum clamps that attach to the 2" pipe legs. These legs make the wheel infinitely adjustable to a maximum 30" height.


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