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Nidec (Shimpo) Wheels, Pans & Stool


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We are experiencing delays from our Vendor for the Shimpo VL and VL- Lite. We do not expect them to be here until mid- to late-May. Please be patient with us and know that we will call you as soon as your order is available.


Shimpo VL Whisper Wheel

Shimpo VL Whisper electric potters wheel*** This product may be harmful to a
person who has a pacemaker. Serious
injury or death could occur. Consult a physician before using. ***

The superior technology of SHIMPO's VL-Whisper potter's wheel and the popular features of SHIMPO's Velocity V75 potter's wheel have been combined to create the second model in SHIMPO's Whisper series potter's wheels: the VL-Whisper.

Responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and we can now say the quietest wheel in the potter's wheel market. It's a quiet that must be heard to be believed!

-- Call for quote on freight or delivery charges to your location --

SHWVL • $1555.00
VL Whisper Wheel



Shimpo RK Whisper Wheel

Shimpo RK Whisper electric potters wheel***This product may be harmful to a person who has a pacemaker. Serious injury or death could occur. Consult a physician before using.***

The RK-Whisper wheel is responsive, high torque at all speeds, powerful and very quiet. The exterior of the RK-Whisper resembles the RK-10, but that’s where the similarities end! This wheel features a brushless DC motor and direct drive (no belt) system. The motor is electronically controlled and operated by a fixed foot pedal and hand lever. It’s reversible, and the steel body is durable under all conditions. A 12” wheel-head & two-piece splash pan included as standard feature plus a 5 year warranty!

-- Call for quote on freight or delivery charges to your location> --

SHW • $1425.00 ~ special order ~
RK Whisper Wheel


Shimpo Aspire Wheel

Shimpo Aspire tabletop wheel with foot pedal.

SHIMPO's Aspire tabletop potter's wheel can handle your most creative challenges. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easily portable; and yet its 20-lb centering capacity makes it a permanent addition to any studio or classroom. Your "Aspirations" are its only limit! at only 25 pounds, it is light enough to ship by UPS but it's not a toy!

The Aspire wheel with foot pedal is a special order and not a stock item.

-- Call for quote on freight or delivery charges to your location --

ASPIRE • $565.00
Aspire Tabletop Wheel


ASPIREWFP • $640.00 ~ special order ~
Aspire Tabletop Wheel w/pedal



Shimpo VL Lite Wheel

Shimpo VL Lite electric potters wheel.

A truly en-LITE-tening Potter's Wheel!

Designed with the potter in mind, the VL-Lite is a belt-driven lightweight wheel. "Lite" enough to carry yet sturdy enough to throw on. Featuring a remote pedal, two-piece splash pan, workspace, 100-watt reversible motor, an automatic belt-tensioning system and a "Lite" price.

-- Call for quote on freight or delivery charges to your location --

SHVLITE • $865.00
VL Lite Wheel



Adjustable Stool

Shimpo Potters Stool with individually adjustable legs.

The adjustable leg stool allows an assortment of heights to accommodate everyone, and can be tilted to relieve strain on your lower back. The tilt feature also puts you over your work to help you while centering on the wheel. The stool is finished attractively with a white frame and blue seat. The adjustable leg stool not only serves the potter but will also comfortably fill the needs of the painter and sculptor.

SST • $85.00
Shimpo Adjustable Stool



Shimpo Pans, Extensions, & Clips

Please call or email us for other models of Shimpo splash pans

SHPAN1 • $58.75 • *special order*
1pc Small Splash Pan
For old RK wheels


SHPAN2 • $127.50 • *special order*
2pc Small Splash Pan
For new RK wheels


SHPAN3 • $66.25
1pc Large Splash Pan
For VL & RK wheels


SHPAN5 • $81.25
2pc Large Splash Pan
Snug-fitting interlocking design separates easily for cleaning. Manufactured from heavy-duty plastic. Fits RK-10, Velocity and Whisper Series wheels and may be used with our tables


SHEXT • $235.00 • *special order*
Extension Legs
Works with B, C, CXC & IE models. Adjusts working height up to 35" - 38". Made from heavy gauge, powder-coated steel tubing.


SHCLIP • $12.00
Splash Pan Clips (2)


SHT • $29.95
Splash Pan T-Wrench


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