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Georgies Glazes


Georgies Stoneware and Sculptural/Textural glazes are nontoxic and safe for use at any grade level. Our Raku glazes and Interactive Pigments are not recommended for use by students below high school age or where handicapped persons may be unable to read or understand the safety labeling. Please read the labels for handling information on these products

(Candle holder by Kristy Lombard using
PG624 Ripe Apple Red applied over PG634 Scotch Pine)


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All Georgies Glazes are made with careful attention to the details. We monitor our raw materials and fire test samples from every batch before releasing it for sale. Our goal is to make reliable, consistent glazes that are fun and easy to use -- that are also flexible enough to offer a wide variety of color options. How're we doing? You're the best judge of that: let us know how our glazes worked for you. Send photos too: we've love to see your work!


Sample Sets

You like the colors, but you're not sure about investing in full pints or gallons right away? You don't have to! We offer sample sets of all our glaze series in 4oz jars so you can try them and see how they perform for you. For one low price, you get 4 ounces of each color in the line to experiment with. You'll find details on each sample set listed with each glaze line. Prices shown for sample sets do not include shipping and since they are very reasonably priced, are not included in promotional offers.


Dry Glazes

We do not sell our glazes as dry powders!
... with a few exceptions

There are three main avenues of exposure to hazardous or toxic materials: absorption through the skin, inhalation by breathing dust, and ingestion by eating or drinking them. Of these three, inhalation is the fastest, easiest and most common method of exposure.

Most glaze materials come in the form of very finely ground powders that clay artists weigh, blend, sort and mix with water. Working with these materials can result in high rates of dust exposure. Dust from dry glazes will contain free silica crystals that can be harmful to the lungs with repeated exposure. Dry glaze dust may also contain potentially toxic metallic oxides (depending on the formula of the product and the manufacturer.)

At Georgies we recommend that everyone working with dry glaze materials use adequate respiratory protection. We require it for our employees working with these materials. Due to the potential health risks, as a socially conscious and environmentally responsible company we made a strategic decision years ago not to offer our glazes in dry forms.

We only offer our clear glazes and a few base glazes in dry form, sold in 50# bags only!
The following are available dry: PG629 Super Clear, PG630 Zinc-Free Clear, PG654 No More Tears Clear, GLW12 Eggshell Wash, and GLW37 Pure White Matte. We will be updating this information soon.

For more information on materials safety and studio hygiene practices,
please see our Safety pages.


Disclaimer of Warranties

Some products and equipment sold at Georgies are covered by manufacturers' warranties. We encourage you to register your purchase with these manufacturers to ensure warranty coverage. The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, on Georgies manufactured products. Georgies only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of product as proves to be defective by standard and accepted testing methods for the ceramic industry. Georgies shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or inability to use any product. Georgies always encourages all users to test all materials prior to use for the purpose of determining the products' suitability for its intended use. Users assume all risk and liability whatsoever in connection with use of Georgies products.

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