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Laguna Products



Jon Brooks started Laguna Clay in 1976 as a natural development of his lifelong passion for clay and ceramic arts. He got an early start with clay, making and selling his own pots in southern California at the ripe old age of 9. From that humble beginning, Laguna Clay has grown into a leading international ceramic supplier, including three manufacturing plants in the US.

Laguna makes dozens of different clay blends and even more glazes, offered in both dry and liquid forms. We stock the best sellers for our area in our Portland warehouse. Our Eugene store also has limited stock of Laguna clays and glazes. For larger quantities or items not currently in stock, please call or email us. We'd be happy to order them for you. We order from Laguna on the 10th of each month. Our orders usually arrive 7-10 days after we order. Our prices reflect freight from L.A. to Portland, but may not include freight to your door. Processing and shipping individual orders may take up to 7 days after our shipment arrives. We appreciate your help in planning ahead for your studio or program needs.


We order from Laguna on the
of each
Our shipments from Laguna generally arrive about 10 days later. Please allow 5 business days for our crew to unpack, sort out and fill your orders. Shipment from our store to your address also takes additional time in transit.


Laguna Glazes
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Moroccan Sand Glazes
(cone 4-7)
Crystal Blossom Glazes
(cone 4-7)
Dynasty Glazes
(cone 4-7)
Mystic Glazes
(cone 4-7)
Artificial Salt Glazes
(cone 04-06)
Cuerda Seca Glazes
(cone 04-06)
Moonscape Glazes
(cone 04-06)


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