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Amaco Glazes & Brent Equipment

In 2019, Amaco celebrated their 100th anniversary supplying artists working in ceramics! It all started with the first American-made modeling clay, Permoplast, which is still being used in schools today. (We just hope it's a little fresher batch of clay they're using: that first batch has probably gotten a bit stiff by now!) Today, Amaco is a leader in the ceramic industry on an international scale. We're very happy to offer Amaco underglazes, glazes, and other products for your creative endeavors.
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Amaco Glazes
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Amaco Celadon Glazes

Celadon Glazes
(cone 4-7)

Amaco Cosmos Glazes

Cosmos Glazes
(cone 5-6) These glazes run! Read the firing brochure for tips and tricks.

Liquid Underglazes (LUGs)
(cone 06)

Opalescent glazes

Opalescent Glazes
(cone 05)

Potter's Choice Glazes
(cone 4-7)

click here to see layering images of the PC glazes!

Amaco Black Satin Matte Glaze

Satin Matte Glazes
(cone 5-6)

Shino glazes - gloss and matte
(cone 5-6)

Teacher's Palette
(cone 05)

Underglaze Pencils, Chalks & Semi-Moist Pans
(cone 06-10 - some only up to cone 5!)
Use a clear glaze to seal.

Velvet Underglazes & Sample Kits
(cone 06)

YouTube Videos about Amaco products!
click here to see the list of a wide range of techniques.

click here for product information and more helpful videos.

Zinc-Free Clear Glaze
(cone 5-6)
Can be used with Velvets & Potter's Choice Glazes

Amaco 2023 Field Guide

11873M Free with any purchase!
2023 Field Guide
Clay, glazes, Underglazes - color catalog with lots of information!


Amaco Texturizer

High Fire (cone 5-6) Texturizer is rutile based and when layered with other glazes it tends to produce a floating, flowing texture. It is Lead-Free and Non-Toxic...however; tableware producers must test all finished ware to establish dinnerware status, due to possible variations in firing temperature and contamination. Also listed with the Potters Choice Glazes.

TH1 $15.80
High Fire Texturizer


Amaco Suspendaid

Change a brushing glaze to a dipping glaze! This is an anti-settling additive used to change your brushing glaze into a dipping glaze. Disregard the instructions on your glaze label and use the instructions on the jar for the amount of water and additive to add. One pint of suspendaid will adjust about 2.5 gallons of glaze. You must keep this product from freezing.

SA $14.25


Amaco Gum Solution

Gum Solution: As glazes and underglazes age, the binder can break down causing peeling, crawling and cracking. By adding gum solution one tablespoon per pint at a time, you can slow the drying time of the glaze making it brush easier and diminish cracking and peeling issues. Continue to add gum solution a little at a time until the problem is resolved. You may need to add additonal water as well to regain the right consistency for brushing (CMC based).

Dry glazes are formulated as dipping glazes and need gum solution to make them brushable. Once the glaze has been made, add cup of gum solution per gallon of glaze.

Adding Gum Solution to Glazes

41371N $10.00
Gum Solution


Amaco Texture Rollers

Roller TRB on clay
Click ROLLERS to shop for rollers to texture your wares. Handle is sold separately. Easy to clean and use!

Brent Equipment
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Fifty+ years ago, Robert Brent set out to build the industry's best potter's wheel. Dissatisfied with the design and performance of other wheels on the market, his wheels were the first to include electronic speed controls and DC motor technology with permanent magnets. Full production of Robert's wheel designs began in 1967. A few years later, in about 1973, Robert also designed his first kickwheel and invented the first slab roller. As Robert Brent's company celebrates their long history, Brent wheels are still among the "gold standards" of the industry and proudly manufactured by AMACO.

Brent Extruder Brent Extruder
Brent Slab Rollers Brent Slab Rollers
Brent Wheels & Accessories Brent Wheels & Accessories
Brent Ware Carts Brent Ware Carts

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